Rush Week: Student activities sign up has begun!

Campus Sep 14, 2022

BY ABBY GOLDBERG As the new school year begins, so do sports tryouts and a wide variety of clubs.  Rush week is a week-long period of time where students have the opportunity to sign up or learn about any... Read more

A New Poketacular Literary Magazine: The National English Honor Society Cowpoke

Campus May 18, 2022

BY ORIAN TZIPORA-HAROSH At CCHS, there are a wide variety of clubs and activities,... Read more

Bans Off Our Books: Media center closing due to state-mandated review of materials

Campus May 18, 2022

BY ELENA ASHBURN School is not out yet for the summer, but some things... Read more

Mass Teacher Exodus: Record-breaking number of teachers plan to quit 

Campus Apr 28, 2022

BY EMILY MORENO As the school year winds down, the stress of teaching is... Read more

Cooper Stands With Ukraine: CCHS facing the effects of the Ukraine invasion

News Mar 12, 2022

BY EMILY MORENO Across the Atlantic Ocean Ukraine is being invaded by their next... Read more