Dia de Los Muertos is underrated: The importance of the Day of the Dead
BY LILY MITCHELL Dia de Los Muertos, otherwise known as Day of the Dead, is a two-day Mexican holiday giving people time to celebrate the lives of those who have passed. The first two days in November every year provide a time to remember the deceased and honor their... Read more
Coming back from Covid: Students struggle to catch up on school work
BY KAYLA GATES As covid cases consume the CCHS student body, classes continue to dwindle in attendance. Forced to stay home, students are struggling to stay on top of their schoolwork while recovering. In the midst of the pandemic last school year, schooling transitioned to online instruction. While this... Read more
Frustrating Situations: No menstrual products in the CCHS girls’ restrooms
BY JENNA HEDRICK  A normal day at school can turn into an aggravating day in just a few minutes for some girls at CCHS. Females must deal with the annoyance of a monthly greeting from periods. Which, at times, can be unexpected. Female students are held to the responsibility... Read more
College is not for Everyone: Alternative options for student’s career choices
BY ASHLYN COHEN  Throughout high school, deciding where to go afterward can be a huge game-changer for most students. About 40% of people in America have dropped out of college to pursue a different career path in either the business industry, military, social media, cosmetology, etc; ending up with... Read more
The Never-Ending Semester
BY ADDISON ROBERTS The beginning of the second semester brings a clean slate of sorts for the remainder of the school year and the start of the longest quarter yet. Coming back from Winter Break, two shortened weeks immediately follow. Although this does help in adjusting back to the... Read more
Hardest Year of High School: How hard students find their school years
BY LUCIA CORREA With constant new students entering CCHS as freshmen, sophomores and juniors working up the ranks and seniors getting ready for graduation, the common question rests: what year of high school is the hardest?  The usual impression is that junior year is the hardest, due to SAT... Read more
BY NICOLE NADLER Many find friendly competition to be beneficial to fostering an engaging learning environment. But it really begs the question, should students be ranked in comparison to their peers? Class rank is a system that compares each student in a grade level that deduces their placement based... Read more
BY LILY MITCHELL  The political mask mandate debates have triggered strong feelings and began taking action on a seemingly unrelated issue: Florida school dress codes. With all the protests and walk-outs going on around the district, students have begun to take action in attempts to change the county’s sexist... Read more
Homework Overload: Students get hit with a boatload of work after winter break
BY ASHLYN COHEN As winter break came to an end, students at CCHS have had complaints about the amount of homework they have been given. Students may use winter break to ease themselves from the stressful experiences after midterms. However, a lot of students find themselves coming back to... Read more
Halting significant conversations: SBBC unnecessarily bans “Ghost Boys” in light of police pressure
BY KAREN SUROS The School Board of Broward County (SBBC) recently made the decision to ban the fictional book “Ghost Boys” by Jewell Parker Rhodes after the book was used for instruction in a fifth grade class in Coral Springs, supposedly without passing through the district’s vetting process.  Jewell... Read more