Wheeling Through Memory Lane: Reminiscing on the 2023-2024 school year

Campus Apr 22, 2024

BY EMILY MORENOThis school year at CCHS has been a long wagon ride full of adventures. As the school year israpidly coming to an end, CCHS students are thinking back to their favorite memories of the year.Each student’s high... Read more

24k magic in the air: CCHS 23-24 prom theme reveal

Campus Jan 20, 2024

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Ready for Lift-Off: new program provides opportunities for juniors

Campus Jan 20, 2024

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Florida Civics State Testing: Senior civics testing saves seniors from taking course in college

Campus Jan 20, 2024

BY ASHLYN COHEN To help give students the opportunity to relieve stress in college... Read more

New Ways to Fundraise: Exciting club sales happening at CCHS

Campus Oct 26, 2023

BY ABBY GOLDBERG Many students have fallen victim to spending a few too many... Read more