Peace Week: Let’s groove into Peace Week Peace Week: Let’s groove into Peace Week
BY: ORIAN TZIPORA-HAROSH This year like any other, Cooper City High School hosted its annual Peace Week. Peace Week is a week full of... Peace Week: Let’s groove into Peace Week


This year like any other, Cooper City High School hosted its annual Peace Week. Peace Week is a week full of in-school and afterschool activities run by Multicultural Club. Peace Week is meant to promote peace and kidness around the school.

This year, there were different dress up days with themes to each one accordingly. Monday, September 19, students were to dress up in their pajamas to spread the message of “Dreaming for Peace.” 

“My friends and I all wore matching pajamas and we were all cute and comfy [sic.],” junior Emily Starnes said.

Tuesday, September 20, students wore their best tropical attire like Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses to block out the hate.

“I wore my pink Hawaiian shirt and had sunglasses to go with my outfit,” freshman Camila Busque said.

Wednesday, September 21, was Peace in Paris day. Dress up in green or twin with a friend for International Peace day.

Thursday, September 22, tie-dye attire was worn all across campus and Friday, September 23, was funky Friday where students wore their “groovy apparel” like the popular 70s style bell bottom pants.

“It was nice seeing everyone come together wearing tie-dye for Peace Week,” sophomore Stephanie Gallo said. “I got to take fun photos with my friends since we all wore tie dye together.”

Additionally, there were afterschool activities that were supposed to take place after school each day, but some rain delays caused problems. For instance, the Chalk for Peace event was held on Thursday afterschool instead of Monday, which was its originally scheduled date.

Students from different clubs all gathered around different areas of school to promote peace with artwork drawn eith chalk.

“For Florida Future Educators of America club (FFEA), I went to chalk 4 peace and got to draw cute and peace promoting drawings with my friends,” senior Hannah Starvish said.

On tuesday afterschool, students met in the cafeteria, led by Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), for summer in September activities. 

Wednesday afterschool consisted of tye dying shirts in the red awning, since thursdays dress up day was tye dye attire.

Thursday was hanging peaceful and peace-promoting decorations afterschool in the courtyard but ended but changing to Chalk for Peace.

During A and B lunches on friday, students were to bring picnic blankets and sit in the courtyard with friends to have a peaceful picnic.

“After a rocky start on Monday with Chalk for Peace being canceled, I’m so happy we were able to have Chalk for Peace yesterday. A lot of kids showed up and participated. I’m so excited to see our turn out for peace pole ceremony later today!” Multicultural club co-sponsor Brianna Bullard

Additionally, during eighth period on Friday, the annual Peace Pole ceremony took place. Leaders from all school clubs gathered with band and chorus in the courtyard to hear a speech from principal Vera Perkovic and Multicultural Clubs president Sophia Nesselroth.

“Well I was just so proud of everything we were able to accomplish, from putting on the peace pole ceremony to having all of the fun spirit days. I felt it was a really meaningful experience,”Multicultural Club president Sophia Nesselroth said. “That’s not to say there weren’t a lot of obstacles like the weather or trying to get participation but I feel as though we all pushed through and it ended up being an amazing week.”

At the end of the ceremony there was a dove release, since doves represent peace.

“What I really loved is that we had student representatives from every club in their club shirts come together,” Principal Vera Perkovic said. “There was representation of Cooper City High School on a smaller scale being next to each other in the heart and peace sign. It was a really beautiful sight.”