Teacher of the Year and Staff of the Year: recognizing excellence
BY TAYLOR JIMENEZ In the world of education, the importance of a school lies in the dedication and passion of its educators. Each year, the titles of teacher of the year and staff of the year are awarded to individuals who exemplify excellence, by going above and beyond their... Read more
A Cry Against Inaction: How nationwide MFOL rallies sought change on June 11
BY OLIVIA GIL In hundreds of cities across the country, including the National Mall in Washington D.C. and Parkland, Florida, March for Our Lives (MFOL) rallies were held on Saturday, June 11 to protest gun violence. Taking to the streets with posters in hand and chants on their lips,... Read more
Voices Around CCHS: Talented students taking on their vocal passions 
BY ASHLYN COHEN Young virtuosos’ at CCHS explore their distinctive talents and are excelling greatly. With a wide range of musical genres, many have found what they love best.  While many students’ talents eventually become party tricks, such as doing a backflip, these students showcase their voices musically for... Read more
Music Flash from the Past: Vinyl collections make a comeback 
BY ASHLYN COHEN Sophomores Paige Martz and Sydney Mrejen both inspire one another to embrace their love for vinyl collections. Although vinyls made its peak during the early 1970’s, they are making a comeback. Their antique and aesthetic look is eye catching to the modern teenager.  Vinyls provide a... Read more
Madison Sevens: A model and an athlete

Madison Stevens(middle)

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The Two-in-One Package: CCHS’s Multicultural Club welcomes new co-sponsors
BY ALIA SALIM As CCHS continues to get students adjusted to the new year, there have been many new changes to the school, not just academically or physically, but extracurricularly. One particular extracurricular being Multicultural Club having two new co-sponsors. CCHS offers many clubs for students to join that... Read more
A Contagious Case of Senioritis: Class of 2022 experiencing lack of motivation
BY LONDON DERNIS Senior Kennan O’Malley was in kindergarten when he came home to his mom asking if he had homework to complete. Feeling especially unmotivated 12 years ago, he said yes and that he didn’t feel like doing it. As he recalls this event, he believes this was... Read more
Creating Change: Student activists on the rise
BY LONDON DERNIS High school students are participating in activism to raise awareness on topics passionate to them by attending protests and spreading information online. In today’s society, a lot of information is Available to teenagers who are interested in growing involved in their community and becoming activists. “I... Read more
The Brain Brawling Bunch: NHS’ best and brightest go for gold
BY NICOLE NADLER Mean Girls has “The Plastics,” Glee has the “Gleeks,” but CCHS’ main character moment belongs to the National Honor Society (NHS) academic decathlon team, Brain Brawl.  Brain Brawl is an academic-based trivia competition in which different chapters of schools’ honor societies compete against each other in... Read more
Atypical Roads: How the roads diverge for high school seniors
BY NICOLE NADLER “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both”- Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken) The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a perfect analogy for the tumultuous time of college decisions for a senior; it’s a time in which... Read more