Myth or Reality?: Non playable characters
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Getting the recognition they deserve: An (official) unofficial list of the top five best books authored by Black Americans
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Trick or treat: The Lariat staff’s favorite Halloween-y things
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The key health differences: An infographic on COVID-19 versus the flu
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ AND SOFIE KAHLIG In the early stages of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, tens of thousands of Americans were under the impression that the virus was comparable with that of influenza, the seasonal flu, and no more harmful. A National Public Radio (NPR) poll from March 2020... Read more
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The best of the best: The Lariat staff’s all-time entertainment favorites
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DC’s FanDome steals the spotlight from Marvel
BY ADDISON ROBERTS With this year’s ComicCon being entirely virtual and heavily limited, DC Comics has decided to take matters into their own hands and hold an online convention of their own. FanDome streamed live for a full 24 hours on August 22. DC unveiled a whole host of... Read more