The Quiver: The Case of the Missing Table
BY ADDISON ROBERTS & OLIVIA GIL Shielded by a canopy of trees, there once stood a lone red table between the courtyard and cafeteria of Cooper City High School (CCHS) and marked the centerpiece of an open grassy walking area. With it’s shady setting and central location, it served... Read more
The Quiver: Pineapple pizza debate decided in court
BY ELENA ASHBURN The age-old debate is finally, and legally, over. On February 9, the Florida State Supreme Court ruled 4-3 in favor of Florida Constitutional Amendment 7, outlawing the sale of pizza with pineapple from any business that makes or sells food.  This pineapple pizza ban goes into... Read more
Trick or treat: The Lariat staff’s favorite Halloween-y things
BY ADDISON ROBERTS AND KAMDYN ROHER Although Halloween festivities look very different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic Our staff is no different, as our team is filled with a menagerie of people with different tastes. Here are The Lariat 2020-2021 staff’s favorite books, movies, songs and television... Read more
The best of the best: The Lariat staff’s all-time entertainment favorites
BY KAMDYN ROHER It’s no question that some things are better than others; everyone has their favorite book or movie that they consider the best of the best. Our staff is no different, as our team is filled with a menagerie of people with different tastes. Here are The... Read more
The Quiver: The CEO has broken Florida
BY CHRIS GOMES The state of Florida is known for its remarkably strange climate, drug dealers, politicians, reptiles and—most importantly—Florida Man. Although Florida Man may seem crazy at times, he’s not the only thing that sets the “Sunshine State” apart from the rest of the country. Florida is known... Read more
The Quiver: Researchers uncover the science behind Florida Man
BY GENNA NORDLING After three years of research and five million dollars of government-issued research grants, scientists have finally revealed that there is a genetic factor behind the beloved “Florida Man.” In a September 18 press conference, Gerald Cox, the spokesperson for the Federal Floridian Behavior Analysis Unit (FFBAU)—... Read more
Quiver renewed for a new season
BY DARIAN SABLON In recent months, questions about the future of the Quiver have spread among the famed news organization’s fan base like wildfire. Rumors such as the chief writer renouncing all worldly possessions and becoming a monk or the Quiver turning into a fast food chain have become... Read more
The Quiver: The world is ending
BY ELENA VALDEZ The world has one day left before aliens come and enslave us all. Well, maybe. On March 13, 2018, Twitter user Ty @strayedaway posted a screen recording of a cryptic voicemail he received earlier that day and asked the internet for guidance. Part of the voicemail... Read more
Rise of the planet of the apes: Mikey’s world
BY ANNABELLE ROSA As of late, there have been countywide reports of a wild monkey running rampant through the streets of Broward County. The monkey, commonly referred to as Mikey by his fellow primate companions, was recently ousted from his home in the colony of monkeys located in the... Read more
The Quiver: Daring new novelist introduces female character that is just like other girls
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN “She wasn’t like other girls.” This cliché is one that plagues the world of young adult books. In recent years, teen romance novels have gained infamy for an endlessly recycled and reused character that can make any book aficionado physically cringe. This undoubtedly familiar character can... Read more