The Lariat is proud to offer the only newspaper strictly for the Cooper City area, and as a result, we strive to maintain positive relationships with members of the community.

    Readers of The Lariat interested in submitting letters to the editor are more than welcome to here. Letters to the editor may consist of any commentary you have on a print issue, specific article, photo or anything you have your mind set on. Conversely, they may be issues of concern, or corrections to something The Lariat has misrepresented.

    Whether you support or oppose a certain stance on something The Lariat has published, we encourage your feedback.

    When submitting your letter to the editor, know that letters to the editor with valuable feedback or worthy commentary may be published in the next print issue of The Lariat. As well, please be advised that any inappropriate or threatening messages may be brought to school administration, and disciplinary action may be taken.