Media Madness: The guide to 2024’s award season
BY LONDON DERNIS When the New Year’s ball dropped, some people were yelling cheers over loud music at a party, some were eating grapes under a table, but others opened up their laptops and started making their predictions for the 2024 award season. The start of 2024 is an... Read more
The “Spirits On Fire Tour”: The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction’s most remarkable tour yet 
BY HAYLEE WINEBERNER Attending concerts that headline popular 90s bands are always a thrill to attend, as it can be considered a nostalgic experience for Gen X and for Gen Z to get a glimpse on how the now “older years” used to be. Hitting off with their “Spirits... Read more
Voices Around CCHS: Talented students taking on their vocal passions 
BY ASHLYN COHEN Young virtuosos’ at CCHS explore their distinctive talents and are excelling greatly. With a wide range of musical genres, many have found what they love best.  While many students’ talents eventually become party tricks, such as doing a backflip, these students showcase their voices musically for... Read more
Myth or Reality?: Non playable characters
BY ORIAN TZIPORA-HAROSH Have you ever wondered how there are always so many people at an airport traveling to the same place as you or from where all the people on your flight came from? How is it possible that all these people are going to the same place... Read more
Education in Jeopardy: Florida suppresses AP African American History
BY NICOLE NADLER What could be more Un-American? A recent decision from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has denied Florida high school students from taking College Board’s new Advanced Placement (AP) African American History course.  This ban is a clear step backwards in acknowledging the crucial role Black Americans play... Read more
Online Classes: Worthy of all the praise
BY DIMITRI MELETIS For many years now, participating in online classes has been a popular course of action in students’ high school careers. While attending a traditional high school in the state of Florida, students are also given the ability to study and completing classes virtually through Florida Virtual... Read more
Jewels and Gems: Are the junior class rings too expensive? 
BY JENNA HEDRICK Senior year is the most anticipated and exciting year of high school for most students at CCHS, and for our juniors, this next chapter is right around the corner.  Grad bash, prom and college preparation are only some of the thrilling moments of senior year that... Read more
Flying to the Top: NEHS hosts its first annual Spelling Bee
BY ALIA SALIM As CCHS buzzes through the second semester, many clubs are continuing to host activities for its members as well as all CCHS students. On Friday, January 27, the National English Honors Society (NEHS) hosted its first annual Spelling Bee. They created an environment in which the... Read more
Meet Me at Midnight: A review of Taylor Swift’s latest album 
BY LONDON DERNIS It’s Thursday and the clock is a minute away from midnight. Suspense fills the air as the second hand on the clock ticks and ticks until it completes a full circle. Now it’s Friday, and the anxious wait is over because “Midnights” by Taylor Swift is... Read more
The Obvious Answer: Should Superintendent Runcie have offered his resignation?
BY NICOLE NADLER Robert Runcie, the current Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Superintendent since 2011, has recently come under fire after being arrested for impending charges for perjury in front of a statewide jury. Though pleading not guilty, he still decided that it was best to resign from his... Read more