Teacher of the Year and Staff of the Year: recognizing excellence
BY TAYLOR JIMENEZ In the world of education, the importance of a school lies in the dedication and passion of its educators. Each year, the titles of teacher of the year and staff of the year are awarded to individuals who exemplify excellence, by going above and beyond their... Read more
Voices Around CCHS: Talented students taking on their vocal passions 
BY ASHLYN COHEN Young virtuosos’ at CCHS explore their distinctive talents and are excelling greatly. With a wide range of musical genres, many have found what they love best.  While many students’ talents eventually become party tricks, such as doing a backflip, these students showcase their voices musically for... Read more
Madison Sevens: A model and an athlete

Madison Stevens(middle)

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Athlete of the Issue: Freshman Kailyn Echevarria takes on CCHS
BY MALIA LAHEY CCHS prides itself on having outstanding student athletes. Many CCHS students participate in team or individual sports as a way to get involved in the community. However, for freshman Kailyn Echevarria, or as some of her teammates call her, KK, athletics are everything. As a freshman,... Read more
Two Samanthas, Two Jakes, One Dylan and One Ana: A deeper look into the CCHS’ Brain Brawl team
BY CHRIS GOMES Game shows have been a big hit within pop culture since the beginning. Jeopardy, Family Feud and countless others continue to amass thousands and millions of views. Trivia shows like the aforementioned Jeopardy continue to be popular and act as mainstays in entertainment.  Similar to Jeopardy,... Read more
Simply the Best: A look into CCHS’ Teacher and Non-Instructional Staff Member of the Year
BY ELENA ASHBURN Hard-work, dedication and a sense of community. All three of those are things valued by CCHS’ community of Cowboys, and all three of those are traits embodied by this year’s Teacher and Non-Instructional Staff Member of the Year.  In October, Misogi Abe and Idania Rodriguez were... Read more
A magical obsession: CCHS’s Will Barringer and his love for Disney
BY ADDISON ROBERTS AND ARIELLE KRAUS Disney World is one of Florida’s biggest attractions and many Floridians can attest to experiencing the happiest place on Earth at least once. But not many can say they’ve been there as many times as CCHS senior Will Barringer. Barringer first went to... Read more
The Cowboys behind The Lariat: Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Huerta’s journalism journey
BY ELENA ASHBURN  Now more than ever, journalism and news are being pushed online. That is even the case here at The Lariat, where articles are posted on the website as well as in print, and the student body can stay up-to-date on the latest news by following The... Read more
A sign, a speaker and a message: Senior Sydney Towle plans protests for the Black Lives Matter movement
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people set to the streets to protest in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement over the summer. CCHS senior Sydney Towle was one of them and she hasn’t planned to stop anytime soon. Over the summer, Towle attended... Read more
For teens, by teens: Senior Rachel Goldberg kickstarts a college application advising service
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ Navigating through the intimidating and confusing process that is applying for college is already a challenging task that faces high school seniors. Throwing an obstacle like COVID-19 in the mix only makes the situation harder, with hundreds of thousands of cancelled college campus tours and SAT... Read more