Madison Sevens: A model and an athlete Madison Sevens: A model and an athlete
Madison Stevens(middle) Madison Sevens: A model and an athlete


Ranging from djs, athletes and dancers, here at Cooper City High School(CCHS) we have a variety of students full of different hobbies and talents that they pursue outside of being a student.

As a high schooler, it might be hard to balance school and other extracurriculars, but not for junior Madison Stevens.

In our day and age of 2023, social media and influencers have become an enormous part of our culture and society all around the world.

The stigma behind modeling may be publicized as deciding who has the prettiest body or who has the best features based on having a certain look, but Stevens has her own motive for pursuing modeling.

“As a teenager, there are a lot of societal pressures of what is the definition of “beautiful” but I feel like modeling teaches you that being different is beautiful,” Stevens said. “For instance, I am not only a black woman, but I’m also not thin, which is wanted in many modeling agencies and shows.”

Madison has been modeling for about 5 years on and off. Although she isn’t pursuing modeling as a career, she enjoys modeling as a hobby.

“In a way, it helps me express myself and step away from the stresses of the real world,” Stevens said.

For the 2020 Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week (FLLFW), Stevens was the cover for their magazine

In 2021, Stevens was in FLLFW modeling for Sunni Dai Kids Fashion and in the same year, she did their fall show as well. 

She has plans to partake in the Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week (FLLFW) this upcoming April for their spring show.

“Being in the industry has taught me to overcome those challenges. Overall the experience for me has been very fruitful,” Stevens said.

Aside from modeling, Stevens also plays volleyball. She has been playing for about four years, although this year putting a pause on it due to surgery. 

Madison played for CCHS’ own girls’ junior varsity volleyball team freshman and sophomore years. Additionally, she played club volleyball for High Voltage Volleyball. 

Having to balance club volleyball and modeling caused some conflicts in Madison’s schedule. 

“I can’t lie, it was really hard [balancing modeling and volleyball], ” Stevens said. “With club season in 2022, I missed out on a lot of opportunities for modeling because I was out of town or at a tournament,” Stevens said.

When healed from her surgery, Stevens plans to continue playing volleyball for school and keeping it at balance with modeling.

“The way things are going at the moment, as I took a break for volleyball, I feel like I may have it as a hobby even through college,” Stevens said.