Wonders of the Universe
  BY SOPHIA WENGIER In a universe as colossal and boundless as this one, there are infinite possibilities for what will be discovered. With the wonders of our own galaxy and even this planet being vastly unexplored, scientists have barely scratched the surface of the perplex and immeasurable greatness... Read more
Where Did All the Cows Go?
BY: KENDYL COUNTS Driving down stirling road, it’s not uncommon for native Cooper City residents to be overtaken with feelings of nostalgia and loss. Where there were once chain-link fences encircling green pastures where cows grazed are now legions of bulldozers and their mountainous piles of dirt. With the... Read more
How Many Seasons are too Many?
BY DARIAN SABLON Be it a comedy, crime drama or talk show, everyone has that special show, the one that’s on every Friday at 8 p.m. and makes one giddy with happiness. Personally, mine was the crime drama The Mentalist, every Sunday at 10 p.m., and after 7 seasons... Read more
Why The Drumpf Meme Should Die
  BY: NOAH CASTAGNA AND DANIEL LEIBOWITZ “Make Donald Drumpf Again.” A satirical wordplay on Donald Trump’s infamous campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Only, instead of propagating an idealistic version of America, it is instead mocking a name held by Donald Trump’s German ancestors. The meme originated on... Read more
CW Going Lone Wolf
BY: DARIAN SABLON   Netflix has become the the cultural center of past and present television media. It is a place where people around the world share the experience of crying at the death of their favorite character or screaming in joy when everything goes perfect. Netflix is where... Read more
Conspiracy Theories
BY SOPHIA WENGIER   Conspiracy theory is a term used to describe an alternate explanation for an event or circumstance, usually dealing with secret organizations and cover ups.  Although most will denounce conspiracy theories as ridiculous or untrue, a surprisingly large number of people really do believe that the... Read more
The Golden Age Of Superheroes?
BY: DARIAN SABLON AND NOAH CASTAGNA Bob Iger, a chairman at Disney, has recently stated that Disney could literally do Marvel and Star Wars movies forever. This raises an interesting premise: is Disney so sure that people will always demand superhero movies and never tire of the genre? No... Read more
BY: Savannah Keyser   When I think of Florida, a couple things stand out in my mind: oranges, alligators, palm trees, and, my personal favorite, Florida Man. Florida Man is a wonderful man who goes around committing some of the weirdest crimes I’ve ever seen. Of course he isn’t... Read more
#OneDayIWill: A Blog for International Women’s Day
BY KENDYL COUNTS   “Girls don’t usually pay attention to history.” These words, as antiquated and outdated as I had thought them to be, were actually said to me, in complete sincerity. I – a human being of the female variety – had just been questioned as to whether... Read more
Weezer Announces The White Album, Releases New Songs
BY: NOAH CASTAGNA The American rock band, Weezer, has announced The White Album. The album has been described as a Beach Boys-inspired LP and is set for release on April 1st. Along with the announcement, the band has released a music video for “King of the World,” the newest... Read more