CCHS ducks take the school by storm
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Social media has been a solace and a distraction for many students around the world. After all, scrolling through Instagram to view memes is always more appealing when one is meant to be studying for midterms. Text posts and memes flood nearly every virtual platform, many... Read more
Hottest summer movies of 2017
BY DARIAN SABLON Summer is known universally as the time for big blockbuster movies to be released, the films meant to attract the most amount of people and make the largest amount of box office revenue. Although movies of the summer season are usually the most anticipated of the... Read more
The top music hits of the summer
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE For most students, summer is characterized by liberation from school. Finally free to have fun without assignment deadlines and final exams looming over them, plans of tanning on the beach and pool fill the schedules of weary students. Plans and playlists are made, shared and blasted... Read more
Three of the best young adult novels to read this summer
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Though summer may conjure up images of beaches, heat waves and sunburns, one can always escape the wrath of the season for much lower of a price than a plane ticket to New Zealand. There’s always the option of curling up on a beach towel (or... Read more
BY TAMARAH WALLACE While most may say that 2016 was an interesting and sometimes deplorable addition to the history books, we can all agree that the year was home to a great selection of music. From pop and alternative to rap and R&B, artists showed us the sound of... Read more
When Diversity Faces Adversity
BY: SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL With the release of the latest Star Wars film, fans everywhere were eagerly anticipating a dramatic adventure to reflect the success of the previous movies. But when they came face-to-face with the movie on the big screen, the diversity of the main cast proved to be... Read more
Why How I Met Your Mother’s Ending Was Terrible (Spoiler Warning)
BY SOPHIA WENGIER How I Met Your Mother is a popular sitcom that aired for nine seasons with interesting characters and comedy, mixed with important themes about life and love.  While I could go on about the wonderfulness of this show, my greatest regret is my decision to watch... Read more
Hillary Refuses to Debate the Burns
BY: SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL   With members of both political parties racing to gain enough delegates to become their party’s nominee for the General Election, tensions have been running high as debate after debate spurs voters to determine who will participate in the upcoming election. One such controversy with these... Read more
Star Wars Current Canon: The Clone Wars
BY CHRISTINA RIVERO   Throughout the years Star Wars has made a huge impact in the pop culture industry. With the announcement of the sequels, a few alterations were made to the universe. Well, maybe more than a few, but these changes called for more than just a (much... Read more
Irrational Childhood Fears
BY SOPHIA WENGIER While discussing my childhood with a friend, I came to the realization that many of this generation grew with the same or similar irrational fears and thoughts as one another.  Although everyone knows about the standard boogeyman, monster under the bed, and clown fears, there are... Read more