Why The Drumpf Meme Should Die Why The Drumpf Meme Should Die
  BY: NOAH CASTAGNA AND DANIEL LEIBOWITZ “Make Donald Drumpf Again.” A satirical wordplay on Donald Trump’s infamous campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”... Why The Drumpf Meme Should Die



“Make Donald Drumpf Again.” A satirical wordplay on Donald Trump’s infamous campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Only, instead of propagating an idealistic version of America, it is instead mocking a name held by Donald Trump’s German ancestors. The meme originated on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, a weekly segment-based talk show starring British comedian John Oliver. In his segment, Oliver not only attacked Trump’s failed business ventures, but also one of the few aspects of his persona completely out of his hands- the name his German ancestors had once held -Drumpf.


The Drumpf meme soon took off, rocketing to prominence on social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit. Oliver produces and sells hats donning the catchphrase “Make Donald Drumpf Again,” parodying Trump’s infamous “Make America Great Again” slogan and merchandise. Some fans of the meme even developed a Google Chrome extension which would change all instances of Trump on a page to Drumpf. What those who perpetuate the meme fail to realize is that they are ultimately stooping to what they deem as Trump’s level; instead of critiquing his incredibly malleable platform or his vague policy stances, they are repeating a tired, unfunny “joke” that does nothing to Trump, a candidate who, at this point, fails to waver under even the most intense character-based scrutiny.

Trump is too much of an outsider to the establishment-centric media of the modern age, and his forthright and possibly outlandish ideals alienate some while attracting others. As the Republican frontrunner and foremost threat, cable networks like MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News have all directed their attention not to his questionable immigration stances, his potentially dangerous stance on libel laws, or his hazardous tax reform ideas, but instead, his character. This ideology is clearly reciprocated by the Drumpf meme, an irrelevancy in Trump’s campaign as his numbers remain consistently strong. Attacks on Trump’s character have yet to work, and to believe an attack on the name of his ancestors would be effective whatsoever is just as naive as the meme itself. By utilizing the Drumpf meme, all one is doing is discouraging rational political discussion in favor of personal attacks that fail to further what could be a constructive discussion.


Regardless of one’s stance on Trump, realize that this meme is not a substitution for political deliberation. Take a serious look at Trump’s platform and provide functional critique, instead of lowering oneself to a low energy attempt at a joke.