BlogsEntertainment February 17, 2016

BY SAMANTHA ROBERTS   Some people can look mature but have the mind of a 12 year old. Similarly, some people can look like a 12 year old but have the mind of a wise elder. Maturity does not come with age – rather, it comes with experience. High... Read more
Things To Do In The Coop
BY: SAVANNAH KEYSER   Often times I find myself extremely bored with nothing to do, if you’ve found yourself in that situation, here are some places to go in Cooper City and the surrounding area.   In no specific order:   1. Pembroke Lakes Mall Everyone loves a good... Read more
The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap
BY SAMI ROBERTS   Spoiler Alert for Episode Four of the Bachelor   The Bachelor is a reality TV show that picks one lucky bachelor/bachelorette to find love. This season started with 28 beautiful ladies for the dreamy Ben Higgins.   So far, 17 of them have been sent... Read more
3D: Dramatic Discovery or Distraction?
BY DARIAN SABLON AND NOAH CASTAGNA   3D technology has thrived for decades in American cinema, but films such as Avatar and The Polar Express aided in a resurgence for the medium, bringing 3D to the forefront of modern film. Some filmgoers feel it allows for an expansion upon... Read more
The Importance of Taking a Sick Day
BY RACHEL CALLAHAN   Some of my best childhood memories are sick days – it was the only time I was permitted to drink soda and watch television on a school day. At the first sign of a cough I was begging to stay home. Unfortunately, in high school... Read more
How Early Is Too Early For Christmas?
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER   Now that Halloween has come and gone, the Christmas frenzy is bound to begin any day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas just as much as the next guy, but there has to be some limit to how early it can make an... Read more
BY ZOE SHIR   October 31st. It’s the one day a year when you can put on a mask and dress up as any persona or anything you choose. For children, candy is a large factor in their enjoyment of this “holiday.” All around the United States on October... Read more
Advice to Freshmen, From Seniors
  BY WENDY LUN   After pulling through four years of school, seniors have become proficient in handling their time here at Cooper. We are ready to break free from the repetitive high school schedule and start our lives away from this institution. Other students, however, have just entered... Read more
New Walkway

New Walkway

BlogsEntertainment November 8, 2015

BY RACHEL CALLAHAN   There is something new on campus this year, and it’s not just the freshmen. A stunning innovation was added to Cooper City High School: the new walkway. The time it takes to travel between buildings has been cut in half thanks to this groundbreaking addition... Read more
Songs of the Summer
BY: SAMANTHA ROBERTS AND TAYLOR GOLDMAN   Songs of Summer 2015   1. See You Again by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa This song was probably the biggest hit of the summer. Its instrumental opening catches many listeners’ attention, and Puth’s voice is so charming it captures the hearts... Read more