Are you college ready?: A guide on the college application process
BY SOFIA MENDEZ The process to apply successfully to a university may be perceived as a long and complex process. However, with the correct guidance, this can be the opposite. By following some basic guidelines, it is possible to achieve and obtain a spot in the college or university... Read more
Trick or treat: The Lariat staff’s favorite Halloween-y things
BY ADDISON ROBERTS AND KAMDYN ROHER Although Halloween festivities look very different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic Our staff is no different, as our team is filled with a menagerie of people with different tastes. Here are The Lariat 2020-2021 staff’s favorite books, movies, songs and television... Read more
The best of the best: The Lariat staff’s all-time entertainment favorites
BY KAMDYN ROHER It’s no question that some things are better than others; everyone has their favorite book or movie that they consider the best of the best. Our staff is no different, as our team is filled with a menagerie of people with different tastes. Here are The... Read more
Arts and crafts on a new level: DIY mask ideas!
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ With the sudden surge in demand for face masks, stores are seeing shortages nationwide, if not worldwide. Face masks are critical for running errands during the coronavirus pandemic, especially to protect oneself and others. However, there are multiple easy and fun crafts you can try to... Read more
Quarantine Blog #2
BY MAKINZI BURGS Post 1: Going bananas for banana bread Recently, for some odd reason, I have been craving banana bread. When I woke up Thursday morning, I was craving it so badly that I went on Pinterest, found a simple and easy recipe for it and began baking!... Read more
Tired of watching Netflix?: Top five videos to stream while in quarantine
BY ISABELLA MARCON The coronavirus pandemic has seemingly turned our world upside down, and it might be a while until we see the light at the end of the tunnel. With countries around the world in lockdown and businesses closing, we must find solace in our own homes. But... Read more
Quarantine Blog #1
BY MAKINZI BURGS Post 1: Cooking with Makinzi While my family and I were in Alaska visiting my sister and her family, we had Raising Cane’s chicken fingers for the first time. After being home for about a week, I was craving Raising Canes again. So, I decided to... Read more
Five black and brown superheroes that are more interesting than Black Panther
BY JOSEPH STURGEON In an age where diverse casting and minority-centered media is constantly being promoted, black and brown visibility in popular media is probably at an all-time high. Two decades ago, the average channel surfer would’ve been lucky to find an all-black television series that wasn’t broadcasted by... Read more
From scholarships to service hours: 10 things I wish I knew as a freshman
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE As a high school senior finally finished with the stressful college application process, I find myself wishing that my past self knew what I know today. I wonder if I had the information I do now, would I have acted differently? There is no way for... Read more
Safety first: Eight phone apps that prioritize public safety
BY ISABELLA MARCON There are horror stories on the news seemingly every day. Stories of serial killers, assaults, robberies and human trafficking are pervasive and can make one feel unsafe. In addition to man-made threats, there are traffic accidents, fires, floods, sudden weather emergencies and other disasters that can... Read more