Back to School and Back In Style: Fashion Trends In Cooper City High
  BY WENDY LUN & ZOE SHIR   Despite the fact that Broward County has upheld a strict dress code, students have been able to express themselves while following the rules. Whether they show themselves through new patches or ripped jeans, the Cowboys of Cooper City High truly have... Read more
The Battle for 2016
BY DARIAN SABLON AND NOAH CASTAGNA:   In 1978, Superman introduced the idea of mature superhero films to the casual audience, changing the film industry forever. The year 2000 started off the Golden Age of comic book films with X-Men, reminding the casual audience that superhero films could be... Read more
The Lariat Mixtape: Emo Song Playlist
BY CHARLIE BLODNIEKS AND ADAM SHLOMI For some of the CCHS student body, back to school season sets the stage for increased social interaction, community involvement, and general Cowboy pride. For others, however, it makes way for increased complaint-ridden brooding, a circular routine, and general teenage angst. For that... Read more
Issues Solved: GOTG v. Captain America
BY CHRISTINA RIVERO Most moviegoers of any kind are already familiar with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, starting with Iron Man, and most recently releasing Guardians of the Galaxy. These sets of films are released in phases. Phase One included The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and  Thor. Once Phase 2 was... Read more
Travel Blog: City in a Day
BY KARINA MARTINEZ If you’re feeling exceptionally adventurous, thrifty, and bored out of your mind, then I have just the solution for you. This will quench your thirst for exploration and desire to be entertained. Here it is: go to a city for a day. Just one day. I... Read more
Top 5 Childhood Shows
BY DANIELLA ASPURU We late 90’s babies are all growing up, so now we can think back and remember the good old days. Let’s reminisce on a time where TV shows were actually funny and entertaining, and not what these poor kids have on today.  Here’s some of all-time favorite TV... Read more
Rescuing the Helpless
BY ALEX DEARDORFF Walking into an animal shelter is by far one of the hardest things for an animal lover to do. Between the dogs, who cower in the dark depths of their cages, all hope lost, to the cats and kittens who are deemed feral each and every... Read more
Issues Solved: The Wicked and the Divine
BY CHRISTINA RIVERO Aside from the major corporations in the comic book world, there are other companies that sell comics you would not find in your typical superhero aisle. One of them is The Wicked + The Divine from Image Comics. This story takes place in England with “performers” that almost... Read more
Panera Bread Cookies: Are they Worth it?
BY KARINA MARTINEZ These days, it’s hard to find someone who’s never heard of the fast-growing café chain called Panera Bread. It’s famous for its soups and paninis, but what’s the deal with Panera cookies? To answer this, I actually took it upon myself to buy one of each,... Read more
Issues Solved: Magic City Comic Con
  BY CHRISTINA RIVERO A true feeling of excitement was running through me as I approached the entry hall to the Miami Airport Convention Center. As people in cosplay and others with stacks of comics in their hands made their way into line, the energy started to form into... Read more