Quiz: Where should you vacation this summer?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN Looking forward to school ending but are unsure of where you want to travel this summer? Take the quiz to find the best way you can spend your time this summer and where you can spend it. Photos courtesy of Stocksnap and Cross Walk Read more
Quiz: Which Olympic sport would you go for the gold in?
BY KENDYL COUNTS After the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, many Floridian viewers are left wondering which winter sport would best suit their personality. Take the quiz to find out which Winter Olympic sport you would go for the gold in. All photos comply with Fair Use standards Read more
Quiz: What type of breakfast food are you?
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Eggs, toast, jam and juice. Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But very few are aware of their alternate breakfast food identity. The Lariat aims to solve this dire problem by analyzing the complexities of your personality and cross-matching them... Read more
Quiz: So you think you can edit?
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The Lariat’s 2017 holiday playlist
BY KENDYL COUNTS Holiday music is playing practically everywhere – and The Lariat newsroom is no exception. To share our festive spirit, we have compiled a list of a few old classics, new hits and underrated gems that are perfect to play on repeat throughout the month of December.... Read more
Quiz: Which club are you?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN CCHS hosts dozens of clubs that students can join, ranging from honor societies to animal clubs and community service organizations. Find out which club you are with this quiz. Read more
Quiz: Which Taylor Swift are you?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN With the anticipation for pop singer Taylor Swift’s new album increasing, The Lariat asks: which Taylor Swift are you? Featured image courtesy of Eva Rinaldi, CC license  Read more
Quiz: Which fall activity suits you best?
BY TAYLOR GOLDMAN Florida falls may be underwhelming, but that rarely prevents Floridians from embracing autumn activities. Which one are you? Photo courtesy of Travel + Leisure Read more
Quiz: Which AP Class Are You?
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Quiz: Which cafeteria food are you?
BY CHARLIE BLODNIEKS Find out which CCHS cafeteria food you’re most like. Read more