DC’s FanDome steals the spotlight from Marvel DC’s FanDome steals the spotlight from Marvel
BY ADDISON ROBERTS With this year’s ComicCon being entirely virtual and heavily limited, DC Comics has decided to take matters into their own hands... DC’s FanDome steals the spotlight from Marvel


With this year’s ComicCon being entirely virtual and heavily limited, DC Comics has decided to take matters into their own hands and hold an online convention of their own. FanDome streamed live for a full 24 hours on August 22. DC unveiled a whole host of new reveals relating to the films, TV shows and video games they’re releasing over the next two years. With most of Marvel’s upcoming catalog of releases considerably delayed, this seemed like the perfect time for DC to step up to the plate and release some new content. Here are some of the new additions to the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) they announced:

The Batman

The night’s biggest reveal was the first full length trailer for “The Batman,” the debut of Robert Pattinson as the storied Dark Knight. Matt Reeves took over as director in 2017 and has led the film in a new direction. He explained that this film will not be an origin story, but will instead feature a young and inexperienced Bruce Wayne early in his crime-fighting career. A prequel show on HBO Max was also announced, set to focus on the emergence of Batman from an external perspective and the politics of the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). Batman will finally hit theaters on October 21, 2021.

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Suicide Squad

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Coming only five years after the release of another Suicide Squad movie, this 2021 film will see the anti-hero team revamped. Helmed by James Gunn, the director behind “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the new Suicide Squad film will see some returning characters, such as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, as well as a whole host of new characters who will be making their on-screen debuts. 

Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot’s performance in “Wonder Woman” was a massive box office success, with fans and critics alike praising the film. The character Diana Prince will make her anticipated return on December 25th, 2020 in “Wonder Woman 1984.” Taking place 40 years after the first film, “Wonder Woman 1984” will see the Princess of Themyscira reunited with her lover Steve Trevor and facing new times and challenges, including the first film appearance of fan-favorite villain Cheetah, arch nemesis of the Amazon Warrior.

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Justice League: The Snyder Cut

When Justice League was originally announced, Zach Snyder, the director of “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” was set to continue the DCEU by directing its first team crossover film. However, Snyder left the film due to a personal tragedy and Joss Whedon, director of “The Avengers,” took over.

The film was met with critical and financial disappointment. Critics harped on the glaring visual shortcomings and overcrowded plot juggled by two directors. Justice League also earned the lowest amount of money than any previous entry in the franchise on opening weekend. This led to a dedicated fan campaign to see the film’s original cut get a release, hoping Zach Snyder’s completed vision of DC’s biggest team would make for a more satisfying movie. 

Fans will finally get their wish in 2021. The movie will reportedly be over four hours long, releasing in four separate hour-long episodes before the film is released in its entirety, all exclusively on the streaming platform HBO Max.

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Upcoming DCEU teases

“Aquaman 2,” “Shazam 2,” “The Flash” and “Black Adam” were all officially revealed and announced for releases in 2022. A short teaser was released for “Black Adam,” featuring a motion comic style and narration from Dwayne Johnson playing the titular character.

Concept art for “The Flash” was also shown, revealing some plot details. The movie will see the scarlet speedster exploring the timeline and crossing over throughout the DC multiverse.

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Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman will make an appearance alongside Michael Keaton’s, reprising the role for the first time in decades.  

Video Games

Two long rumored games were also given official announcements at DC’s FanDome.

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Gotham Knights” will feature the entire BatFamily taking up the job of protecting Gotham City following the mysterious death of Bruce Wayne. The game will also feature the Court of Owls as the unsettling secret society running Gotham from behind the scenes.

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” also received a trailer. It is set in the same universe as the celebrated “Batman: Arkham” franchise, though the Caped Crusader himself is conspicuously absent. 

Television and The CW series

Season seven of TV show “The Flash” is confirmed to immediately follow the sixth season, which was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Batwoman” season two will see Javicia Leslie take up the role of Batwoman, following the departure of former lead actress Ruby Rose. However, the changes in actresses will be reflected in the plot and Leslie’s character. A Netflix original “Sandman” show has been speculated for a long time and Fandome gave us an official reveal. The show will be a close adaptation despite a present day update.

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DC showed us a wide variety of future plans and creative endeavors during FanDome. The DCEU appears to still be going strong with new movies coming soon and “The Flash” set to change the status quo for future films. DC continues their presence in the TV scene with shows new and continuing getting their official announcements. “Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” will see DC returning to the video game world as well.  With most of these releases coming out over the next two years, DC has their biggest chance yet to take over the superhero landscape. 

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