“This is how I disappear”: My Chemical Romance has not, and reunites for the first time in 6 years
BY JULIA SAFRIN My Chemical Romance (MCR) was right when they sang, “I’m not dead, I only dress that way” in their 2012 song “Boy Division.” To many fans’ delight, MCR isn’t dead and the band members are reuniting after a 6-year split.  On Halloween of this year, MCR... Read more
Safety first: Eight phone apps that prioritize public safety
BY ISABELLA MARCON There are horror stories on the news seemingly every day. Stories of serial killers, assaults, robberies and human trafficking are pervasive and can make one feel unsafe. In addition to man-made threats, there are traffic accidents, fires, floods, sudden weather emergencies and other disasters that can... Read more
A CCHS miracle: The Thespians take on “The Miracle Worker”
BY SOFIA MENDEZ For three nights only, theater brought a classic play to life. “The Miracle Worker,” by William Gibson, was brought to CCHS for the nights of November 14, 15 and 16. Performed by Troupe 0784, the show presented a three-hour-long heartfelt story on the stage.  The show... Read more
Will Kylie Jenner continue to “Rise and Shine?”: Jenner gets slammed for attempted trademark
BY EMMA FRANZ  Wherever there appears to be a Kardashian/Jenner sister, controversy seems to follow. On October 10, the “self-made” billionaire released a tour of her cosmetics office. This extraordinary office tour included Jenner going into her daughter Stormi’s room and singing “Rise and Shine.” This later sparked the... Read more
TikTok, learn a lot: How TikTok can be used for educational purposes
BY ALYSSA KHAN People nowadays resort to many different things for educational purposes. Students have established new studying techniques that never would’ve been thought of in the olden days. The recently popular app, TikTok, is just another example of this. TikTok is an app that allows users to create... Read more
Where’s the horror?: Halloween Horror Nights is not as scary as it seems
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Halloween Horror Nights is the place to be for those who love the scary side of the spooky season. With detailed sets, talented actors and special effects makeup that is out of this world, there is usually little to complain about aside from the arm and... Read more
“DHL” sent a new package of music: Singer Frank Ocean releases his newest single after a temporary hiatus
BY EMMA HUERTA On Saturday, October 19, R&B singer and rapper extraordinaire Frank Ocean seemed to arise from the ashes, ascending like a phoenix, after releasing a single entitled “DHL.” This newest single came after Ocean began his New York City queer nightclub project “PrEP+” on Thursday, October 17,... Read more
Sneak peeks: The impact of leaks on the music industry
BY CHRIS GOMES In this modern age of music, more artists have continuously refused to release new material. This has caused a drought in music for a lot of fans, which can lead to a significant decline within the industry. Many insiders with access to certain artists’ music have... Read more
“The best concert of all time”: Tyler, The Creator lights up the AmericanAirlines Arena on his Miami stop for the “IGOR” Tour
BY EMMA HUERTA Fashioned with a platinum-blond, bob-cut wig, rectangular sunglasses and a bright baby-blue suit, one of the most influential young artists of this millenium steps onto the stage of the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida on September 29. Seemingly unrecognizable outside of his typical Los Angeles skater-style... Read more
The Quiver: Researchers uncover the science behind Florida Man
BY GENNA NORDLING After three years of research and five million dollars of government-issued research grants, scientists have finally revealed that there is a genetic factor behind the beloved “Florida Man.” In a September 18 press conference, Gerald Cox, the spokesperson for the Federal Floridian Behavior Analysis Unit (FFBAU)—... Read more