Performative or perfectly provocative?: The debate around putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill
BY NICOLE NADLER In 2019, the United States Treasury Department issued an effort to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. However, this motion was delayed by former President Donald Trump’s administration. On January 28, President Joseph R. Biden issued an order to continue the process,... Read more
Money, money, money: The best financial decisions students should make in college
BY SOFIA MENDEZ Throughout our lives, we must make decisions that are key to our finances. Each financial decision we make will impact us and shape our future, so having an analysis about what to do at an early stage is very significant. Understanding how to make the best... Read more
Cutting, not cashing, the check: U.S. stimulus bill falls short in fulfilling its needs
BY ADDISON ROBERTS There is no denying the severe toll COVID-19 has had on the U.S economy. Small businesses have been devastated and many people have been left unemployed. Rates of homelessness grew rapidly and many Americans faced evictions. The American people clearly need help from their government.  Unfortunately,... Read more
New Year’s resolutions: Why there shouldn’t be a timestamp on self-improvement
BY JAELYN YEAMPIERRE With the start of the new year comes the formation of the ever classic New Year’s resolutions, which are promises and goals that people set for themselves in order to have a more productive and organized year. The tradition of setting personal goals to ring in... Read more
Presidential children in the media: Uncontrolled fame and spotlight should not mean higher standards
BY RYAN MERARD When in a position as public as that of the U.S. President, loads of popularity is inevitably gained and this popularity is surely passed around the family, including children and even grandchildren.  In fact, President-Elect Joe Biden’s grandchildren have been expanding their popularity on the social... Read more
Dual opinion: Should cameras be mandatory during eLearning?
BY ELENA ASHBURN AND NICOLE NADLER A necessary evil: The case for cameras in class BY ELENA ASHBURN No student likes being on camera. It’s safe to say most Cowboys would prefer to be laying in bed in their pajamas instead of staring into the webcam on their laptop.... Read more
Governor DeSantis hopes to expand “Stand Your Ground” law to be “anti-mob,” setting a dangerous precedent
BY CHRIS GOMES Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to push for an expansion of the notorious “Stand Your Ground” law that would allow for armed citizens to shoot suspected looters or anyone engaged in “criminal mischief” that disrupts a business. On paper, this may sound good to those... Read more
Senioritis isn’t laziness: High school seniors face too much pressure for their decreasing efforts to be labeled as just laziness
BY RYAN MERARD After three years of high school and plenty of years of school even before that, the ultimate goal of graduating is closer than ever for seniors. However, as the last two semesters progress, the infamous trait among seniors called “senioritis” can sweep through a great deal... Read more
Tackling teaching on Teams: The limits and ironic new freedoms online school has to offer
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ As we head into December, we near the end of the semester and the five-month mark of virtual school. This has been a reality for most Florida students, along with the entire United States, filled with hurdles never seen before.  And Broward County Public Schools’ (BCPS)... Read more
Approaching politics in class: Discussions should not mirror the national landscape
BY CHRIS GOMES Modern society has become concentrated with politics in every facet imaginable, and rightfully so. Politics and current events are as important as ever before in this day and age. In our emotionally-charged environment, it’s important to address politics in a reasonable fashion, refraining from the name-calling... Read more