The obvious answer: Should Superintendent Runcie have offered his resignation?
BY NICOLE NADLER Robert Runcie, the current Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Superintendent since 2011, has recently come under fire after being arrested for impending charges for perjury in front of a statewide jury. Though pleading not guilty, he still decided that it was best to resign from his... Read more
2020, the sequel: We are still in a pandemic and need to maintain precautions
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ After the world spent a rough 14 months living in pandemic mode, things are looking up for the future with the recent advancements in COVID-19 vaccinations. 195 million doses have already been given in the U.S., and we have reached an average of vaccinating three million... Read more
A student’s liberty is not one to be tampered with: The case of Mahanoy Area School District versus B. L.
BY NICOLE NADLER The most significant student-based first amendment trial since the case of Tinker v. Des Moines is currently being overseen by the United States Supreme Court. The story of the case begins when freshman cheerleader Brandi Levy tried out for her local high school’s cheer team, the... Read more
Banning a bright future: Senate Bill 86 threatens to remove Florida Bright Futures financial aid
BY ADDISON ROBERTS For years, the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program has been a consistent goal for thousands of Florida students. The scholarship promises a tuition-free ride to a Florida college of the student’s acceptance and choice. The criteria are not easily met but with Florida’s abundance of prodigious... Read more
Changing stories to reflect current views: Debates ignited after six insensitive Dr. Seuss books are taken out of print
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ Dr. Seuss is one of the most popular and beloved children’s book authors, known around the world for his catchy rhymes, brilliant characters and generally fun messages for kids. However, on March 2, Dr. Suess’s estate announced that they would be taking six of the late... Read more
The end of PSDs: An obituary for the days CCHS looked forward to
BY CHRIS GOMES Professional Study Days (PSDs) have gone the way of the dinosaur in February 2021. Born in 2013, these early release days were created to provide teachers with time to edit their curriculum, as well as for students to have a day each month to manage their... Read more
Friendly, fruitful competition?: Using contests as assignments isn’t as bad as it seems
BY ALYSSA KHAN School can be pretty frustrating for students, especially when assignments become overwhelming and they begin to pile up. It gets even more difficult when teachers make students participate in district-wide contests, or simply make these contests assignments for their class. However, such situations are not as... Read more
Student debt forgiveness: How student debt is affecting the nation and why it should be forgiven
BY JAELYN YEAMPIERRE The debate over whether or not student debt should be forgiven is a popular discussion amongst a variety of communities today. The inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden on January 20 came with the anticipation as to what actions would be taken in regards to student... Read more
Cheating culture: The problematic increase in academic dishonesty among students because of eLearning
BY RYAN MERARD Since the awakening of the COVID-19 pandemic, school tasks have been fully online, leaving students with the only option of getting their education through a computer. This seemed like a relatively quick switch at first, yet has resulted in a huge change of scenery for the... Read more
Senior superlatives: Super sweet or superficial?
BY KAREN SUROS As seniors, there is a lot to look forward to—or at least, there is supposed to be. The coronavirus pandemic has done away with many traditional high school activities like homecoming, spirit week, step-up day and more, but senior superlatives is one tradition that COVID-19 could... Read more