Pay-to-play: An inside look into the often-expensive world of extracurricular activities
BY EMMA HUERTA Academics, extracurriculars and letters of recommendation: the Holy Trinity of college admissions.  As the ticket to postsecondary institutions has become more tedious and even difficult to attain over the years, the influence of each component in the college admissions process has subsequently increased. As universities look... Read more
A passion for fashion: CCHS students find clothing through thrifting
BY KAYLA GATES Old clothes are the new craze. CCHS students are following the trend of thrifting to take a new approach and express themselves through their wardrobes. Fashion is no new fad for CCHS. The school has made a significant appeal to the artistic perspective of students through... Read more
Clumsy Cowboys: Stories of slips, stairs and stitches, courtesy of CCHS’s students and staff
BY ELENA ASHBURN “At least you have a good story!”  Sometimes, having a weird, dumb or funny story to accompany a painful injury makes the experience a bit better. Many Cowboys have interesting injury stories, but The Lariat went on the hunt for some of the goofiest, weirdest injury... Read more
A magical obsession: CCHS’s Will Barringer and his love for Disney
BY ADDISON ROBERTS AND ARIELLE KRAUS Disney World is one of Florida’s biggest attractions and many Floridians can attest to experiencing the happiest place on Earth at least once. But not many can say they’ve been there as many times as CCHS senior Will Barringer. Barringer first went to... Read more
Surprisingly enriching, yet not saddening: My experience with coronavirus as an asymptomatic person
BY SOFIA MENDEZ Experience can knock us down, but it can also strengthen us. It all depends on our attitude as this plays an important role in the lessons we take from the obstacles we encounter.  Currently in our worldwide pandemic, one of the peculiarities of the coronavirus is... Read more
New year, new system, new clubs: CCHS IOC approves the addition of three new school clubs
BY EMMA HUERTA It is a well-known fact at this point that the 2020-2021 school year is taking an unconventional form amidst the effects of the pandemic. As students are now engaging in eLearning, whether on campus or at home, clubs are additionally functioning online as well. Despite the... Read more
Living through history: A timeline of the events that CCHS students have lived through, from 2002 to now
BY KAREN SUROS AND ARIELLE KRAUS There is no doubt that from the time that CCHS seniors were born in 2002 to now, all CCHS students have been living through history. From the release of social media to mass shootings to social movements, there are many events that have... Read more
Persisting through the pandemic: How this reality will go down in history
BY KAYLA GATES Friday, March 13, 2020, began like any other day for the vast majority of the United States population. Students attended their schools and adults traveled to their places of work. However, it was still unclear if this would be the last time they would do so... Read more
Pushing through the pandemic: The Round Up still strives to produce a quality yearbook while facing a great obstacle
BY RYAN MERARD Every year, CCHS’s The Round Up yearbook staff aims to create a quality yearbook that serves as a remembrance of the school year. This year, The Round Up faces a new situation that they are not familiar with, as COVID-19 still continues to leave its mark... Read more
The show must go on: How performing arts programs at CCHS are adapting to COVID-19
BY ELENA ASHBURN It seems the world is in an intermission. Many things have been canceled or postponed due to the pandemic, and everyone seems to be waiting for something to happen, waiting for the second act to start. But for CCHS’s performing arts programs, the curtain has not... Read more