Living through history: A timeline of the events that CCHS students have lived through, from 2002 to now
BY KAREN SUROS AND ARIELLE KRAUS There is no doubt that from the time that CCHS seniors were born in 2002 to now, all CCHS students have been living through history. From the release of social media to mass shootings to social movements, there are many events that have... Read more
Persisting through the pandemic: How this reality will go down in history
BY KAYLA GATES Friday, March 13, 2020, began like any other day for the vast majority of the United States population. Students attended their schools and adults traveled to their places of work. However, it was still unclear if this would be the last time they would do so... Read more
Pushing through the pandemic: The Round Up still strives to produce a quality yearbook while facing a great obstacle
BY RYAN MERARD Every year, CCHS’s The Round Up yearbook staff aims to create a quality yearbook that serves as a remembrance of the school year. This year, The Round Up faces a new situation that they are not familiar with, as COVID-19 still continues to leave its mark... Read more
The show must go on: How performing arts programs at CCHS are adapting to COVID-19
BY ELENA ASHBURN It seems the world is in an intermission. Many things have been canceled or postponed due to the pandemic, and everyone seems to be waiting for something to happen, waiting for the second act to start. But for CCHS’s performing arts programs, the curtain has not... Read more
Who’s behind the camera?: CCHS welcomes new teachers to staff
BY KAMDYN ROHER With the majority of students staying at home due to distance learning, it is difficult to get to know the new teachers who have recently joined the staff for the 2020-2021 school year. To many, they are just a face behind a screen who they know... Read more
A freshman year like no other: How CCHS Class of 2020 alumni are experiencing and adapting to college during a pandemic
BY ARIELLE KRAUS The CCHS Class of 2020 ended their senior year like no other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the summer and fall, many of these students started college. However, just like their senior year, their college experience has been different than previous years because of the... Read more
The Cowboys behind The Lariat: Online Editor-in-Chief Emma Huerta’s journalism journey
BY ELENA ASHBURN  Now more than ever, journalism and news are being pushed online. That is even the case here at The Lariat, where articles are posted on the website as well as in print, and the student body can stay up-to-date on the latest news by following The... Read more
A sign, a speaker and a message: Senior Sydney Towle plans protests for the Black Lives Matter movement
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people set to the streets to protest in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement over the summer. CCHS senior Sydney Towle was one of them and she hasn’t planned to stop anytime soon. Over the summer, Towle attended... Read more
For teens, by teens: Senior Rachel Goldberg kickstarts a college application advising service
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ Navigating through the intimidating and confusing process that is applying for college is already a challenging task that faces high school seniors. Throwing an obstacle like COVID-19 in the mix only makes the situation harder, with hundreds of thousands of cancelled college campus tours and SAT... Read more
Unmasking the truth: How CCHS staff and students feel about reopening school
BY KAMDYN ROHER Summer is ending and the school year is creeping upon us after months of quarantine and social distancing. Returning to campus is the new debate across the nation, with the decision impacting millions of families. Some individuals want to return to school like we have every... Read more