Boys varsity soccer: Cowboys beat the Mustangs 3-0
BY OLIVIA LEWIS The Cooper City boys varsity soccer team made their way to McArthur High School, playing them for the second time this season. The boys were confident going into the game, especially since they had beat them before. By working hard throughout the entire game, the boys... Read more
Boys varsity soccer: Douglas takes over Cowboy territory with a 2-0 win
BY OLIVIA LEWIS The Cooper City Cowboys had their second home soccer game of the week on Friday, December 1. They were determined to win their sixth game of the season, especially after winning their last game with a score of 8-0. The boys varsity soccer team fought it... Read more
Boys varsity soccer: Cowboys face Hollywood Hills at home
BY HAILEY BROWN For some teams, coming off of a long break can cause some difficulty to bounce back into the swing of competing. For the Cowboys, this did not seem to be the case. This week, the Cowboys were scheduled to have a game the day after a... Read more
Girls varsity soccer: CCHS takes on Hollywood Hills
BY HANNAH EUBANKS The Cooper City girls varsity soccer team went up against Hollywood Hills High School after a long Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 27. The Cowboy’s mercy ruled the Spartans, ending the game in the third quarter at 8-0. The Lady Cowboys yelled their cheer, took the... Read more
Boys varsity soccer: The swamp takes over
BY OLIVIA LEWIS The boys varsity soccer team faced up against the Everglades High School Gators on Monday, November 20. With the game being their fourth of the season, they were determined to win and better their statistics. The game went back and forth for the entire 80 minutes;... Read more
Girls varsity soccer: CCHS vs. Everglades High
BY ETHAN MUNCAN After beating Nova 4-1, the Lady Cowboys had their eyes set on Everglades High School. The game took place at Cooper City High on November 20, and was a district game. The Cowboys dominated the whole game, winning with a score of 5-0. The Cowboys have... Read more
Boys varsity soccer: Team takes on Flanagan
BY HAILEY BROWN On Wednesday, November 15, the boys varsity soccer team walked through the halls with their jerseys and headphones on as they readied themselves up for the district game against the Falcons at Flanagan High School. The Cowboys fought hard but lost a couple key players in... Read more
Girls varsity soccer: CCHS vs Flanagan High School
BY HANNAH EUBANKS On Wednesday, November 15 the CCHS Lady Cowboys played in their third game of the season. They made their way to Flanagan High School to play at 6:00, where they won the game with a score of 6-3. The Falcons started with the ball, putting immediate... Read more
Boys varsity soccer: Cowboys take on Nova
BY OLIVIA LEWIS With tensions high and each team battling it out, the third game of the season for the Cowboys got intense. The Titans were able to put three goals in the back of the net in the first half, securing the win very early in the game.... Read more
Girls varsity soccer: Cowboys dominate Nova
BY ETHAN MUNCAN The Lady Cowboys traveled to Nova on November 16 for another wet game, where the field would test each player to the best of their ability. The Cowboys managed to score four goals in the first half and only conceded one goal the entire game. Cooper... Read more