Boys varsity soccer: Cowboys take on Nova Boys varsity soccer: Cowboys take on Nova
BY OLIVIA LEWIS With tensions high and each team battling it out, the third game of the season for the Cowboys got intense. The... Boys varsity soccer: Cowboys take on Nova


With tensions high and each team battling it out, the third game of the season for the Cowboys got intense. The Titans were able to put three goals in the back of the net in the first half, securing the win very early in the game. The Cowboys tried to come back; however, in the process, two Cooper City players received red cards. Seniors Ethan Muncan and Mateo Upegui both fouled players, resulting in their removal from the game. The game ended shortly after, with the Titans winning 0-3.

In the start of the first half, the Cowboys came out with a lot of energy, in hopes of bringing home a win. The game was very physical right from the first whistle, with each team battling it out. The Titans began to dominate in the first ten minutes of the half, moving the ball up and down the field. The Cowboys held their ground and kept the Titans at a good distance from the goal, trying to prevent any possible shots. The Cowboys gained possession a few times, but were unable to connect passes. The Titans began to pressure the Cowboys, sending through balls to the forwards, which caused chaos for the defense. Nova was finally able to place a strong ball to one of their forwards, who then took a shot, making the score 0-1.

The Cowboys did not lose faith, quickly running the ball up to half-field and resuming the game again. Cooper City was able to produce some good plays; however, neither the forwards nor midfielders were able to place the ball in the back of the net. Nova was able to capitalize off of Cooper City’s mistakes and score another goal with 20 minutes left in the first half. The Titans had control over the game, passing the ball swiftly across the entire field. The Cowboys stole the ball several times from the Titans, but were unable to move the ball quick enough. Many players were causing fouls because of the tension between the two teams. With little time left in the first half, the Titans found holes through the Cowboys midfield, which resulted in another shot. Nova had made the score 0-3, ending the first half with a 3-point lead.

The Cowboys continued to keep their heads high, determined to come back in the game. The whistle blew and both teams went at it, fighting for the next goal. The Cowboys started to come together and communicate, which helped them pass the ball around the Titan players. Cooper City began to dominate the game; however, the game started getting out of hand. Fouls were being called left and right as each team was playing as physical as possible. The Cowboys pushed through and managed to make it into the final third of the field. Senior Greg Satinover took several shots on goal, but was unable to score.

“We started off good but we veered off,” Satinover said. “We need to get back to the fundamentals and use what we have to get back on too.”

Halfway through the second half, Mateo Upegui was given a red card, along with the Titan player that was defending him because they both assaulted each other. With each team being down a player, the stakes got even higher. Tomas Upegui was able to get a few shots off, but each were stopped by the goalie. With little time left in the game, senior Ethan Muncan was also given a red card for unnecessary language, leaving Cooper City with nine players on the field. Each team left it all out on the field, but in the end, the Titans were victorious.

The Cowboys hope to learn from this game, and improve upon it. They look forward to their next game and will try to redeem themselves. As of right now, the team is excited to practice and become the best they can be.

“I have high hopes for the team this year,” junior Tuan Van said. “We have talented forwards, an experienced midfield and a strong defense.”

Final score: Cooper City 0, Nova 3

Photo by Ben Milgram