On the Move: Students relocate after a teacher’s resignation 
BY LONDON DERNIS Shortly after first quarter interims, Dr. Gina Sese’s departure was announced and her classes were distributed amongst other teachers. Students in AICE Global Perspectives, AICE Marine Science, Marine Science and Biology 1 received new teachers.  Following her resignation, the school worked diligently to make changes to... Read more
Glowco After Hours: Krazy Kickball, Powder Puff and Crazy Feats
BY LONDON DERNIS CCHS’ homecoming theme of  “glowco” came with three exciting after-school events. Games of Krazy Kickball, Powder Puff and Crazy Feats were run by SGA and took place throughout homecoming week. During these evening events, students wore their class color and showed off their cowboy spirit. Freshmen... Read more
Flying to the Top: NEHS hosts its first annual Spelling Bee
BY ALIA SALIM As CCHS buzzes through the second semester, many clubs are continuing to host activities for its members as well as all CCHS students. On Friday, January 27, the National English Honors Society (NEHS) hosted its first annual Spelling Bee. They created an environment in which the... Read more
Rush Week: Student activities sign up has begun!
BY ABBY GOLDBERG As the new school year begins, so do sports tryouts and a wide variety of clubs.  Rush week is a week-long period of time where students have the opportunity to sign up or learn about any school-wide extracurriculars they’re thinking about joining this year.  Throughout the... Read more
A New Poketacular Literary Magazine: The National English Honor Society Cowpoke
BY ORIAN TZIPORA-HAROSH At CCHS, there are a wide variety of clubs and activities, including the National English Honor Society (NEHS), which has launched it’s own literary magazine where students can submit their own writing and work. The website is meant for students to have “the opportunity to be... Read more
Bans Off Our Books: Media center closing due to state-mandated review of materials
BY ELENA ASHBURN School is not out yet for the summer, but some things have already started shutting down. The media center, whose plethora of books was once accessible to students, has recently been closed, and according to several CCHS staff members, will remain out of order for the... Read more
Mass Teacher Exodus: Record-breaking number of teachers plan to quit 
BY EMILY MORENO As the school year winds down, the stress of teaching is prompting many teachers to not return for the 2022-2023 school year.  “More than half (55%) of members say they are more likely to leave or retire from education sooner than planned,”  National Education Association (NEA)... Read more
Cooper Stands With Ukraine: CCHS facing the effects of the Ukraine invasion
BY EMILY MORENO Across the Atlantic Ocean Ukraine is being invaded by their next door neighbors, Russia. The ‘special military operation’ has created waves as many countries have rallied together to support Ukraine and condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions. Now countries all around the world are uniting to... Read more
Cafeteria chaos: CCHS struggles to serve students lunch
BY KAYLA GATES The CCHS cafeteria has created chaos for students and staff alike. A recent shortage of food service workers has left the remaining crew struggling to run the cafeteria in an efficient manner. A single herd of hangry students has since replaced the orderly lunch lines as... Read more
Cap and Gown Controversy: Cowboys convert to Jostens as new cap and gown vendor
BY EMILY MORENO Herff Jones, a company dedicated to supplying schools with graduation apparel such as caps and gowns, has recently lost their control over Broward County Public Schools (BCPS). A request for proposal (RFP) entailing the new policies surrounding BCPS and their cap and gown vendors was approved... Read more