DECA Dodgeball: Clubs compete in the annual competition
BY KAYLA GATES CCHS clubs congregated in the gym to compete in an annual head-to-head dodgeball competition. The event took place on Wednesday, December 1 directly after school. After multiple rounds of competition, the winners were ultimately decided. The yearly event is hosted by DECA as a fundraising effort.... Read more
From Interim to Permanent Superintendent: Broward’s New Superintendent Vickie Cartwright
BY EMILY MORENO & PEYTON FOX The School Board of Broward County (SBBC)’s 8-1 vote on Wednesday, February 9, selected Dr. Vickie Cartwright as the new Superintendent for Broward County Public Schools (BCPS). After almost a year since previous superintendent Robert Runcie resigned, the superintendent search is over.  Cartwright,... Read more
Media Center Update: What’s new and expected in CCHS’ media center 
BY OLIVIA GIL When The Lariat last reported on CCHS’ media center, it was lacking a librarian. Now, two months later, the media center is seeing a number of new renovations after hiring a new clerk. Headed by CCHS’ AP coordinator Melissa Megna, Principal Vera Perkovic and media clerk... Read more
Service Hours: Gotta Cash Em In
BY LUCIA CORREA With about four months left to turn in their hours, seniors are running out of time, whether it be to graduate or to qualify for scholarships or cords at graduation. CCHS, fortunately for many, gives students various opportunities for hours, such as donating cans for harvest... Read more
Empowering Student Journalists: New Voices Legislation is coming to Florida
BY EMILY MORENO A piece of legislation designed to protect student journalists is being introduced in Florida. If all goes to plan, student press rights will be protected before the next school year.  The New Voices movement is led by the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) with the hopes... Read more
Rising Jaywalking Rates: How Cooper Square is Seen as the Cause 
BY OLIVIA GIL It’s a popular place to grab a morning coffee and to spend time with friends after school, but since the Cooper Square Retail Plaza (CSRP) opened across from CCHS, it has seen a rise in jaywalking rates as high as their ice cream sales.  This illegal... Read more
New Steps in Security: Hand-held metal detectors come to CCHS
BY OLIVIA GIL In an attempt to fight the rise in threats made against schools and the number of weapons brought onto campuses, The Broward County School Board voted to add hand-held metal detectors to all Broward County Public Schools (BCPS). The policy was passed unanimously on January 11,... Read more
An Influx of Absences: CO cases cut student and staff attendance
BY KAYLA GATES With the new year has come a new concern for City High School: an unprecedented number of student and staff absences. The rise in covid cases has left classrooms empty and hallways barren, alarming many members of the community. The outbreak of the COVID-19 Omicron variant... Read more
New Forms of the COVID-19 Variant Continue: Omicron spreads throughout the United States
BY ASHLYN COHEN It started off as simply COVID-19, and nearly three years later, the virus has mutated and now evolved to what is known as the Omicron variant. The first case of Omicron was confirmed in the US in California just a few weeks before Thanksgiving surprise, but... Read more
No more mandate: New vote results in lifting the mask mandate in all BCPS schools, allows opt-out
BY EMILY MORENO AND ELENA ASHBURN The School Board of Broward County (SBBC) voted 7-1 to remove the current mask mandate and substitute it with a new optional policy on Tuesday evening. Masks will now be ‘strongly encouraged’ for middle and elementary school students, staff, visitors and vendors. A... Read more