Making Life in School Easier: The importance of organization
BY DIMITRI MELETIS As the first few weeks of school begin to set in, students at CCHS and all over Broward County are adapting to their back-to-school routines for the new year. While plenty of students are happy to be back, there are several who feel overwhelmed about the... Read more
Exploring Emotions: Students experience mixed feelings as the school year begins
BY LONDON DERNIS Anxiety, excitement, dread and enthusiasm. These are only a few of the multitude of emotions that CCHS students are feeling as the 2022-2023 school year enters the first quarter. After coming back from a two-month break, the first weeks of school can often feel like the... Read more
What Board Game Are You?: Add up your points and learn more about yourself
BY MALIA LAHEY Everyone loves a good board game on a rainy day or to spend quality time with friends and family. Answer the following questions and find out what classic family friendly board game you align best with. Point System: A: 1 point B: 2 points C: 3... Read more
Getting Lit with Literacy: CCHS Literacy Week
BY NICOLE NADLER Literacy week is a school-wide event to “raise awareness of reading and to inspire students and families to make reading a part of their daily routine.” This year, the Literary Week events at CCHS include a dress-up week, photo opportunities in the media center, and purchasing... Read more
Classes Have Changed: Students are learning to be prepared at the college level
BY ASHLYN COHEN As new course selection sheets become apparent for the upcoming school year, students question the new classes that have become available. The drive for student success in AP and AICE classes has been perceptible within CCHS, and is being unveiled for this year’s courses. Classes including,... Read more
BY OLIVIA GIL In an attempt to fight the rise in threats made against schools and the number of weapons brought onto campuses, The Broward County School Board voted to add hand-held metal detectors to all Broward County Public Schools (BCPS). The policy was passed unanimously on January 11,... Read more
BY OLIVIA GIL  After over a year of quarantine, the Social Support Interactive Club (SSIC) at CCHS was revived in September of 2021 by Biology teacher Jacqueline Selan, with the hopes of creating a communal, discussion driven club at CCHS. Now, four months later, Selan and her club are... Read more
BY KAYLA GATES Craving something new in Cooper City? Then Litchi Delights is just the spot. The new restaurant, which offers everything from boba to poke, recently opened its doors in the heart of Cooper City, inviting residents to try something new and tasty. For some, Litchi Delights may... Read more
A Sequel that Exceeded Expectations: A review of Sing 2
BY NINA RAMIREZ *This article contains spoilers* Read more
Saturdays are for the ‘Bots: The CCHS Robotics Team grapples their local competition
BY NICOLE NADLER A team of just five boys has crafted a self-functioning robot that can perform many tasks. Together, during their seventh-period robotics class, they work on ensuring that their robot can execute its tasks in a way that will ensure the team the most points. Each task... Read more