Hope for the best: The NBA should choose to just continue the season as is
BY RYAN MERARD With games getting postponed left and right and multiple players testing positive for COVID-19, the National Basketball Association (NBA) seems to be struggling to keep the coronavirus under control, despite having a limited number of fans in the arenas.  Teams have frequently been forced to play... Read more
Run it back or take risks?: How the Miami Heat should play out this offseason
BY RYAN MERARD Exceeding expectations for many National Basketball Association (NBA) fans, the Miami Heat thrived as the underdog of the Orlando bubble and fought hard throughout the playoffs to reach the Finals. Even if they lost in a six-game series to the opposing Los Angeles Lakers , making... Read more
During a pandemic?: Allowing full capacity at stadiums is just a reckless decision by Governor DeSantis
BY RYAN MERARD As of September, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that Florida would fully reopen its economy and move into Phase III. This call came with him easing restrictions on restaurants and bars, as well as allowing all Florida football teams to open with full capacity. With these decisions,... Read more
Too soon for sports: Suspended seasons confirm coronavirus concerns once again
BY KAYLA GATES The coronavirus pandemic has put a hold on the world of high school sports for many months. However, the long-awaited reopening of athletic programs may still be premature. New coronavirus concerns have begun suspending some reestablished seasons, rendering their initiation irrational. Following the March 13 declaration... Read more
NBA boycotts: A larger picture of awareness and change
BY CHRIS GOMES It goes without saying that racial inequality has been a prevalent problem within the United States and abroad for a while now. Countless Black Americans have lost their lives to police brutality from law enforcement. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and recently James Blake have... Read more
The end of the game: An obituary for sportswriters
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE Sportswriters, 106, passed away in April 2020 due to the coronavirus. Born in 1914, sportswriters gave their lives to provide fans with the best coverage possible. They had humble beginnings. Sports writing has been around for hundreds of years. Even Benjamin Franklin wrote about swimming before... Read more
Applying the pressure: NBA G-league program poses as a new threat to college basketball
BY RYAN MERARD The route for professional athletes has typically been the same since the 1900s. Players who plan to reach the professional level either go overseas or to college after high school in order to do so. Despite the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) prohibiting student athletes from... Read more
Why have South Florida sports been so bad?: A new, positive future is on the horizon
BY CHRIS GOMES Miami sports, at one point, had a golden age.  LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh made up the ‘Big Three’ of South Beach, the legendary Miami Heat team that consistently won, and were considered a “super team” at the time. Although they weren’t able to... Read more
Sport or hobby?: Playing video games is not a sport
BY RYAN MERARD One of the most prominent figures in the electronic sports (eSports) world, Tyler “Ninja” Belvins, recently stirred up some controversy around the competitiveness of gaming. Ninja went on a rant on Twitch—while he was live-streaming—about his fans telling him that “it’s just a game” whenever he... Read more
Colin Kaepernick was blackballed not for his passing ability, but for his ability to speak out
BY JOSEPH STURGEON The story began in 2016: Colin Kaepernick, the then-starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, took a knee during the pre-game national anthem, stirring waves of conversation throughout the United States. The next day, when asked why he did this, he responded that it was a... Read more