Different setting, same entertainment: 2021 gave sports fans a March Madness that was full of surprises
BY RYAN MERARD Looking to bounce back from cancelling the series last year due to COVID-19, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) decided to hold the annual college basketball tournament “March Madness” in men’s and women’s “bubbles.” This consists of just one arena and practice facility for all teams... Read more
Sports signing day: CCHS student-athletes make college commitments
BY KAYLA GATES As the spring season approaches, CCHS seniors have begun to make big decisions regarding their future after high school. With many student-athletes hoping to continue playing sports in college, a select few have already committed to a collegiate career. On February 4, CCHS held one of... Read more
Kicking off during corona: How CCHS sports teams opened their seasons
BY KAYLA GATES The 2020-2021 high school sports season presented itself in a unique manner this school year. Due to the health concerns of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the fall season endured a late start. Regardless of the delay, competition is well underway, with the CCHS sports teams preparing... Read more
Too soon for sports: Suspended seasons confirm coronavirus concerns once again
BY KAYLA GATES The coronavirus pandemic has put a hold on the world of high school sports for many months. However, the long-awaited reopening of athletic programs may still be premature. New coronavirus concerns have begun suspending some reestablished seasons, rendering their initiation irrational. Following the March 13 declaration... Read more
A return to play: Fall sports commence practices
BY KAYLA GATES Cooper City High School student-athletes have once again taken to the fields for the first time since the conclusion of the previous school year. A new decision to commence official practices for the fall athletic season has allowed select sports to return to play once again.... Read more
Los Angeles Lakers clinch 2020 NBA Championship over Miami Heat
BY CHRIS GOMES The Los Angeles Lakers have revived their franchise following the retirement and later passing of legendary player Kobe Bryant. On Sunday, October 11, the Lakers won the championship for the 2019-2020 National Basketball Association (NBA) season, with players LeBron James and Anthony Davis at the helm,... Read more
Season in suspense: Fall sports to be postponed
BY KAYLA GATES With the threat of the coronavirus still at large, county officials have made the decision to postpone fall sports indefinitely. With much uncertainty surrounding the 2020-21 season, both coaches and athletes are working to overcome the setback. Due to the severity of the coronavirus in Florida,... Read more
Sports during the coronavirus: Return to play may or may not guarantee protection from COVID-19
BY CHRIS GOMES It goes without saying that the coronavirus outbreak appeared on a whim, putting a temporary end to many beloved activities. Sports, for example, were wiped out completely. Sports networks and columns have been forced to cover the most monotonous of contact-free sports, causing many viewers to... Read more
What could have been: CCHS spring sports predictions
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE With all the spring sports seasons being cut short this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, all one can imagine is what could have been. The dreams of going to districts, regionals or even states competitions were lost. However, the highly competitive spring sports teams at... Read more
Cowboys getting it done: Football takes a different route to raise funds amidst COVID-19
BY RYAN MERARD With numerous businesses closing due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, many CCHS teams and clubs face new challenges with fundraising. Typical methods, like holding family nights at restaurants and physically approaching businesses for sponsorships, are not an option for fundraising as of now. ... Read more