Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak may harm his aspirations in the 2020 election
BY CHRIS GOMES Almost every president has historically had to tackle a defining crisis during their presidency. President Donald Trump’s defining crisis appears to be the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the way he handles it will shape the outcome of the 2020 election. Generally, in times of national... Read more
Only 200 tries later: U.S. House finally makes lynching a federal crime, 65 years after the murder of Emmett Till
BY EMMA HUERTA On February 26, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a monumental bill to support racial equality. Bill H.R. 35, more commonly known as the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, has now made lynching a hate crime under federal law. It was named in honor of Emmett Till,... Read more
The first step into adulthood: Getting a job
BY ELENA VALDEZ Working is an unavoidable part of life, even if one takes up an obscure or dream job, it is still work. The introduction into this process often begins in later high school years, as students seek out part-time employment alongside school for a number of reasons. ... Read more
Stick to the book: AP Classroom doesn’t belong in the actual classroom
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH When people think of the College Board, thoughts about the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or Advanced Placement (AP) classes usually follow. But an Urban Dictionary user defined the College Board as “ ruin the lives of all high schoolers, especially in the United States... Read more
The fear of being basic: Why won’t the internet let girls be happy?
BY GENNA NORDLING The dictionary definition of the word “basic” is “of, relating to or forming the base or essence; fundamental.” When you Google “basic,” the Urban Dictionary definition is the first result and it is not the same definition. According to Urban Dictionary, “basic” is used to insult... Read more
Must be 18+ to have a right to privacy: New Florida law requiring underage girls to obtain parental consent for an abortion infringes on privacy
BY JULIA SAFRIN Abortions in the U.S. are legal during up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. States, however, can pass their own laws to put restrictions on abortions. The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling has never not been controversial, especially in today’s age, where political beliefs and ideologies... Read more
The SAT prep struggle: Students who cannot afford SAT prep courses are at a disadvantage
BY ARIELLE KRAUS One of the most stressful parts of an individual’s junior year of high school is the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). For most of one’s entire high school experience, they hear about the SAT and worry about how they will do when their time to take it... Read more
Social media: One of the factors greatly influencing teen drug use
BY RYAN MERARD Teenagers who regularly log into social media are likely to see drugs and alcohol portrayed in a positive––and sometimes even aspirational––manner. Whether it’s someone smoking, or people doing shots, there are many subtle ways in which alcohol and drugs are displayed as fun and exciting. It’s not... Read more
Give them a break: Being rude to retail workers does not solve any problems
BY RYAN MERARD Working in the retail industry is one of the most socially demanding jobs. While helping customers find items or answering their questions, insults and criticism from these customers can occasionally occur. This often happens to those working as cashiers, waiters, sales associates and other low-wage jobs.... Read more
‘Play Toxic by Britney Spears’: The realities of toxic family members
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Most people have heard of toxic friends. They are the people that others tell you to avoid. A toxic friend is not a friend and will never be a friend. They mistreat the person in which they are “friends” with and normally end up causing quite... Read more