Social media: One of the factors greatly influencing teen drug use
BY RYAN MERARD Teenagers who regularly log into social media are likely to see drugs and alcohol portrayed in a positive––and sometimes even aspirational––manner. Whether it’s someone smoking, or people doing shots, there are many subtle ways in which alcohol and drugs are displayed as fun and exciting. It’s not... Read more
Give them a break: Being rude to retail workers does not solve any problems
BY RYAN MERARD Working in the retail industry is one of the most socially demanding jobs. While helping customers find items or answering their questions, insults and criticism from these customers can occasionally occur. This often happens to those working as cashiers, waiters, sales associates and other low-wage jobs.... Read more
‘Play Toxic by Britney Spears’: The realities of toxic family members
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Most people have heard of toxic friends. They are the people that others tell you to avoid. A toxic friend is not a friend and will never be a friend. They mistreat the person in which they are “friends” with and normally end up causing quite... Read more
A victim, not a villain: Men are survivors too
BY EMMA FRANZ  In today’s world, so much credit has been awarded to strong women who have chosen to speak out as victims of heinous crimes. Unfortunately, the same hasn’t been done for men who have suffered from similar traumatic experiences.  Due to the unfortunate male standards society has... Read more
More than just shopping for less: Thrift shopping should be practiced more
BY RYAN MERARD Many people love to shop and clothing is a favorite target of bargain hunters everywhere. However, in an era where clothes can go out of style before you even knew they were in, thrifting has gained lots of popularity over the past few decades and should... Read more
AICE vs AP: At the end of the day, both aren’t worth it
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Deciding what classes to take is already a tough decision for most students. The recent introduction of Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) courses, in addition to Advanced Placement (AP) courses, hasn’t made that decision any easier. For underclassmen, carefully crafting their schedules is key to... Read more
For which it stands: Students’ indifference toward the Pledge of Allegiance
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ You’re familiar with the drill. Shortly after the first bell rings for the day, a voice comes on the loudspeaker addressing students to rise from their seats. As conversations cease and desks shift, everyone begins to mouth the notorious words: “I pledge allegiance to the flag,”... Read more
Discrimination through doctor’s notes: Requiring doctor’s notes for a sick student’s absence is discriminating and ridiculous
BY ELENA VALDEZ Being absent can mean a lot of things, however, in order to excuse one’s lack of appearance, a note from a doctor’s office is oftentimes required and an appointment or severe illness is one of the only justifiable excuses for not showing up.  Broward County Publics... Read more
Senioritis is stupid: Just finish high school and stop complaining
BY ELENA VALDEZ Senioritis; the self-diagnosed condition that nearly every 12th-grader comes down with. It’s understandable why one would want to give such feelings of decreased motivation and purpose a name to relate it back to. However, giving this common phenomenon a name only furthers the common senior culture... Read more
Stop glorifying the death of an artist
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH When Chicago rapper Juice Wrld fell into cardiac arrest and died at a private hangar at Midway Airport, people reacted in a predictable way. The first step was social media; individuals flooded his feed with “RIPs” and #diedtooyoung. Then his music, specifically popular songs, such as... Read more