What’s the plan?: Everything the Class of 2021 needs to know about upcoming senior events What’s the plan?: Everything the Class of 2021 needs to know about upcoming senior events
BY ARIELLE KRAUS After a vastly different senior year than most, the Class of 2021 is ending the year on a stronger note, with... What’s the plan?: Everything the Class of 2021 needs to know about upcoming senior events


After a vastly different senior year than most, the Class of 2021 is ending the year on a stronger note, with many activities planned before the end of their high school career. On Tuesday, April 6, a spring senior meeting was held to inform the class of upcoming events and important information. Here is everything the Class of 2021 needs to know about the event up ahead:

Note: Seniors need one media release form on file for all events. It must be turned into office secretary Natasha Vergara using the following email: [email protected].

Decision Day

Decision Day will take place on April 30. Students are encouraged to come to school wearing clothing representing their future plans – college, military school, technical school, etc. Additionally, students can design a four by six index card to be placed in the Broward Advisors for Continuing Education (BRACE) office to celebrate their future plans. 

“Academic Signing Day is an event that we have planned very close to ‘Decision Day,’ May 1, [which] is typically when students decide which college they plan to attend,” BRACE Advisor Christine Siwek said. “We want to celebrate [seniors] with Academic Signing/Decision Day and it will happen here at Cooper City High School.”

Senior Time Capsule

Since the Class of 2021 is the 50th class at CCHS, the city is commemorating them with a time capsule. Students are encouraged to participate in a letter-writing campaign where they can reflect on their high school experience and be entered to be placed in the time capsule in the media center, which will be opened in 50 years.

“We will be coordinating an effort with the city to put a time capsule in a glass secured case in our Media Center at some time for the end of the year with our senior celebration activities to recognize that this is the 50th started class of Cooper City High School,” Class of 2021 Sponsor Nicole Hicks said. “We’re going to look to have that letter writing campaign to see who we’re going to submit to a panel to be picked to go into the capsule between now and May 7, so more information will be following with that.”

Senior Awards Night

Senior Awards Night will take place on May 13 and it is designed to recognize students’ accomplishments throughout high school. This event will be in-person for seniors only, and also live-streamed for family and friends to watch. Students can attend this event by invitation only. 

Top 10% Celebration

The Top 10% recognizes students in the top 10% of the Class of 2021. With about 560 seniors, this would include students ranked one through 56. This event is by invitation only and will take place on May 19 in the CCHS auditorium. 


The senior class has received the unexpected: an in-person prom. The event will be modified to follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines. Prom will take place in the CCHS courtyard on May 22 from 7:30-11:00 p.m. The event is outside with a theme of “Under the Stars.” Students can only bring dates from CCHS as per Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Guidelines. The attire is semi-formal and above. 

In order to attend, students must fill out the forms located on the Class of 2021 Canvas page, under CCHS Student Info. Tickets can be purchased through the eStore, or on campus during lunches/after school on select dates. There is currently an “Early Bird” sale of $70 per ticket, which will last until April 12, and then the price will increase to $85. 

Senior BBQ

The Senior Barbeque will take place on June 2. It will be an outdoor event that all seniors are encouraged to participate in.

Cap and Gown Pick Up

Cap and Gown Pick Up is scheduled for June 4. Seniors will be given a designated time to pick up their items as listed on the Class of 2021 Instagram. Students are allowed to decorate their caps as they are able to keep them after graduation, but must fill out the form on the Class of 2021 Canvas Page in order to do so. The gowns will be returned following the commencement ceremony. 

If a senior has not ordered a cap and gown yet, they can do so here.


Continuing with the theme of unexpected events, the Class of 2021 will also be having an in-person graduation on June 9 at 4:00 p.m. Graduation will take place at Inter Miami CF Stadium. Each graduate will receive two tickets as per BCPS district policy and the venue. The graduation team will be going to the stadium on April 19, and more information regarding graduation will be released then. Additionally, a media release form must be turned into Natasha Vergara for photos using the following email: [email protected].

“I’m so excited we’re going to have an in-person graduation to be able to celebrate you guys the way you deserve to be celebrated,” Principal Vera Perkovic said. “Along with the senior officers, the SGA, know that … the entire Cooper City High School community is behind you guys, we love you. We’re so proud of you.”

Graduation Parade

Going along with the tradition started by the Class of 2020, the city will be hosting a parade for CCHS seniors again this year. The parade is on Saturday, June 12. Students are encouraged to be passengers in the vehicle and decorate it to celebrate their final moment of high school. Students must pre-register for this event with information being released by Cooper City in the coming months.

“So you [seniors] have the great fortune of having a face-to-face graduation and the continued new tradition that Cooper City is putting on of a parade,” Hicks said. “The route is set by the city. It’s hosted by the city. It’s funded by the city. It’s not run by Cooper City High School. So we’re gracious for what they’re offering to do with us. We’re collaborating with them to make this great for you all.”

Check out our gallery from last year’s parade here.

Infographics by Arielle Kraus and Sofie Kahlig

Photo by Sasheen Joseph