Boys varsity basketball: Weekly recap Boys varsity basketball: Weekly recap
BY OLIVIA LEWIS The boys varsity basketball team had two home games this week against Pompano High School and Stranahan High School. On Monday,... Boys varsity basketball: Weekly recap


The boys varsity basketball team had two home games this week against Pompano High School and Stranahan High School. On Monday, February 5 at 7 p.m., the Cowboys took on Pompano and beat them with a score of 77-50. Three days later, the Cowboys faced Stranahan and had an extremely intense game. The teams went head to head until the very last shot, with the Dragons winning 67-64. The Cowboys will continue practicing for districts, which will take place next week.

On Monday, it was Senior Night for the boys varsity basketball team. Seniors Ryan Curbelo, Dylan Graziani, Chris Pete and Landon Segarra each walked out with their friends and families for a ceremonious introduction. Each senior was awarded a frame with pictures of them and a bouquet of flowers. The walls were plastered with posters of the players in an effort to make the night memorable for them.

“What we are doing this year is amazing,” Curbelo said. “I am so happy to be out there with my teammates.”

The Cowboys started with what seemed like indomitable spirit, making two three-point shots in a row. Pompano gained possession, but missed their two first shots of the game. Dylan Graziani made two more three-point shots in the first quarter. The Tornadoes continued to try to make it down the court, but the Cowboys held strong, only allowing them to score nine points. The score at the end of the first quarter was 15-9.

Cooper City came out flying again, with Damien Forbing making two points. Pompano came back and made two points immediately after. Cooper City passed the ball around quickly and even though they were under pressure, Dylan Graziani found a way to make the layup. He was fouled in the process and awarded two foul shots.

Right after, Dallas Graziani was fouled as well, awarding him two foul shots. He made both, putting two points on the scoreboard. Pompano started to fall far behind, especially with all the shots the Cowboys were making. Dylan Graziani dribbled the ball down the court to make another layup. Cooper City got the ball back again and moved it down the court to Pete, who made a three-point shot for the Cowboys. With 16 seconds left, Curbelo was fouled and awarded two shots, and making both he put the score at 38-23.

Following halftime, the Cowboys made the first three points again. Pompano came back and scored a three-pointer right after. Although the Tornadoes were being more aggressive, it did nothing to stop the Cowboys’ offense. Cooper City made point after point, putting their score up.  Both teams made a sufficient amount of points this quarter, with a score of 56-40.

In the last quarter, the boys gave it their all to make sure they won for all the seniors. Dylan Graziani made the first three again, followed by Pompano. Dylan Graziani then made a layup and a three-pointer right after each other, exciting the crowd. Pompano called a timeout so that they could figure out a way to stop the Cowboys. In the end, the Cowboys pushed through and won by 27 points.

On February 8, the Cowboys took on the Dragons at home for the Big 8. The first quarter began and it became clear to all the players that the game would be a rough one. The teams went up and down the court, making point after point. They pushed themselves to the limit, playing hard defense and aggressive offense. The Cowboys played their hardest in order to win, but Stranahan ultimately won by three points.

For Dylan Graziani, however, the night was still a personal success, as he reached his 1,000 point mark in his career. He and the rest of the team look forward to going for the win in their upcoming games.

“It’s been great,” Dallas Graziani said. “We’ve put in a lot of work this year and come together as a team. The success has shown in out 21-3 record so far.”

Photo by Sarah Khan