Soccer: 2016 Season Recap Soccer: 2016 Season Recap
BY MARK BRENT   The Cooper City Cowboys soccer team lost to the Cypress Bay Lighting 1-2 in the Regional playoffs on February 2nd.... Soccer: 2016 Season Recap




The Cooper City Cowboys soccer team lost to the Cypress Bay Lighting 1-2 in the Regional playoffs on February 2nd. The Cowboys have had a successful season, going 14-5, winning their district, and advancing to the regional finals. Along the way, the Cowboys beat beat the rival Western Wildcats to advance to the regional finals. There, they lost to the defending state champions Cypress Bay.


During the game, The Lighting consistently dominated time of possession. Cooper was often stuck defending, and was unable to generate a potent passing offense. However, Caeser Tano consistently pushed the pace and tried to start counter attack after counter attack. He showed determination to score and kept the Cypress Bay defense honest. Cypress scored both their goals in a similar manner, by shooting from inside the box after a long possession. The first half was scoreless, but early in the second half Cypress Bay, a little while later they scored again. Toward the end of the game, Cooper City had a long free kick opportunity. Caesar booted the kick which ricocheted off a few players, confusing the goalie, and giving Cooper City its first goal. However, by the game was all but over. The score was close, but only because of a late goal. Cypress Bay dominated the game, and Cooper City could only hope to get lucky off of counter attacks. The team friendly pass heavy offense employed by our Cowboys was absent. Cypress Bay was the better team.


However, we should proud of our Cowboys success. Cypress Bay is a school of nearly twice as many students, and they consistently field one of the best soccer teams in the state. Invigorated by a new coach, the Cowboys employed a team friendly style of soccer the lead to success on the pitch and happy players. The coach, John Cejka, is a Cooper City alum who won regionals as a player back in 1998. Excited to mentor the next generation, Cejka changed the culture of the team and ensured continued success.


The Cowboys success can be also attributed to a change in district. The new district is less competitive than the previous competition the Cowboys faced. Thus, our Cowboys were able to win more and lose less.


On a lighter note, Soccer players can be seen walking through classes with bleach blonde hair. In honor of their district championship, the soccer team, and one assistant coach, celebrated by bleaching their hair.
The Cowboys had one of the best soccer seasons in recent memory. The future is bright, of the team’s eleven starters, only three were seniors. The Cowboys hope to win districts and compete in the regional playoffs again next. With a great coach and many returning players, the Cowboys look to be posed for success.