Chadd Kerr: Chasing A Dream Chadd Kerr: Chasing A Dream
BY SARAH ROUSSELL To compel fans to listen to their music, rappers often infuse catchy beats with their lyrics, causing listeners to jam out... Chadd Kerr: Chasing A Dream

Junior Chadd Kerr uses his life experiences to create memorable lyrics for his mix tape. He dreams of taking his raw talent to the next level in the future. Photo Credit PAIGE KRANSBERG


To compel fans to listen to their music, rappers often infuse catchy beats with their lyrics, causing listeners to jam out to their song. Any rapper can rely on the beat to make their songs sound amazing; but, it takes a truly talented and unique musician to create passionate lyrics that can captivate the hearts and souls of their listeners. Throughout recent history, the rap and hip-hop industry has shaped pop culture, molding the lives of America’s youth. Many teenagers have latched on to this phenomenon, and everyday its popularity continues to expand. Cooper City High School junior Chadd Kerr is not only a devoted fan of hip-hop, but has made rapping a personal hobby.

Kerr’s obsession with music began at the young age of eight. In those early years, he familiarized himself with different styles of hip-hop music and began experimenting with freestyle rapping. However, it wasn’t until the age of fourteen that his talent in lyricism began to blossom. By studying poetry, Kerr picked up writing skills that ultimately helped him create verses and songs. He was specifically interested in spoken word, a form of self-expressive poetry that is often related with hip-hop and rap. Poetry opened a place of solace for Kerr, allowing him to finally write down the thoughts he didn’t have the courage to say out loud.

“Poetry is all about expressing your feelings and saying whatever it is you need to say,” Kerr said. “You never have to worry about your paper judging you.”

Finding inspiration for lyrics has always come easily to Kerr. From world events to the hottest fashions, he incorporates his observations of the world throughout his lyrics. Aside from pop culture influences, Kerr uses his past relationships and personal life experiences to enhance his songs.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” Kerr said. “I want to convey messages in a way that people are able to relate to them and respect them.”

Kerr frequently models his music and lyrics around the basic style of hip-hop. To the untrained ear, rap and hip-hop music seem similar to one another, but the two differ from each other in significant ways. Unlike rap music, hip-hop is more lyrical and usually contains a clearer message or moral that is displayed throughout the whole song.

Over the past few months, Kerr has been working on a new project. He’s been writing original songs, creating remixes, and putting together original beats to finally form his first mix tape. In order to create the mix tape, it was essential to find the right backing tracks to complement the lyrics. Finding someone to help produce his work has been a difficult process, but once he discovered that perfect person, himself, everything started to come together. Though it’s been a long and tough process, Kerr has finally been able to reach his desired success and plans on releasing his mix tape on October 21, 2010.

Rapping has touched Kerr’s life in many aspects. To him, rapping isn’t just an everyday hobby that he does for fun; it’s a passion that carries a much greater personal impact on him. Rapping has become a getaway from Kerr’s reality, a place of comfort where he can truly be himself. While most rap artists earn monetary profit from their albums and record-breaking hits, Kerr earns a profit as well. However, unlike most of those musicians, Kerr profits at a much deeper level.

“I love to entertain people and see them smile,” Kerr said. “Just seeing people relate to my music is the greatest feeling and that’s all the profit I need.”

Though Kerr has often thought about turning his hobby into a successful rap career, he doesn’t want to rely solely on that area of success. Instead, he hopes to further his education and use it to help take his talents to the next level. Regardless of the direction he takes, his talent, passion and vision will undoubtedly take him far.

“There is only one life to live,” Kerr said. “I’m just going to do what my heart tells me, and hope that it turns out right.”