CCHS’ New Open Gyms
BY MARK BRENT   With the emergence of Cooper City’s open gyms, the Cowboys’ men’s and women’s varsity basketball teams hope to discover new talent and make improvements following last year’s disappointing seasons.   Open gyms allow anyone that attends CCHS to showcase their basketball skills in front of... Read more
Double Dribble: Cousin’s Davante Wiltshire and Isiah King Bring Familial Teamwork To The Cowboys
BY A.J. KURZMAN As the game raced on, the Cooper City High Varsity Basketball Team executed their game plan to perfection. As the ball was laid in to the hoop, players and fans erupted in frenzy as ecstatic energy rang through the gymnasium. The combined teamwork, momentum, and individual talent... Read more
Girl’s Varsity Basketball: Freshman “Dynamic Duo” Bring New Talent To Team
BY CHERINA EUDOVIQUE From the opening tip off it was clear that freshmen Jalyn Foland and Chelsea Vinton had come to win. Vinton, the CCHS’s Varsity Girls point guard, brought the basketball up the court scanning around before making a pinpoint pass to Foland for the score. Plantation set... Read more
Basketball and Hockey: Senior Branden Shafmaster Does Double Duty
BY JACOB FIERMAN The hockey player skates down the ice with blazing speed. He dodges one defender, avoids another, and comes face to face with the final man, the goalie. The player cocks back and fires a shot only to have it blocked by CCHS’s premiere goalie. As the... Read more
Scott Palmer Reaches Above The Rim For The Cowboys
BY JACOB FIERMAN You can’t coach height, but you can coach talent. This statement holds true for Senior Scott Palmer, who may not be the tallest man on the basketball court, but makes up for it with his skill. With an incredible vertical leap, great scoring ability, and amazing... Read more
Varsity Girls Basketball: Cowboys Lose To Cypress Bay In District Championship 44-42
BY JOSH COHEN The Cooper City Cowboys girls’ basketball team took on the Cypress Bay Lightning in the District 12-6A championship on Saturday February 5th at home. The Lightning began the game off on an 8-0 run, preventing the Cowboys from scoring for the first few minutes of the... Read more
Varsity Girls Basketball: Cowboys Win District Semi-Finals
BY JOSH COHEN In the District 12-6A semifinals, the Cooper City Cowboys’ girls basketball team took on the Flanagan Falcons.  The Falcons got off to a strong start, kicking off the game on an 8-0 run.  The Cowboys responded with an 8 point run of their own, tying the score at 8-8.  Flanagan responded... Read more
Boys Varsity Basketball: Cowboys Lose A Nail-Biter To St. Thomas Aquinas
BY JOSH COHEN The Cooper City Cowboys, who headed into this game with a 3-10 record, faced off on Tuesday night with the St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders (3-11). In the first quarter of the game, the Cowboys controlled the tempo, building a lead of 11 to 4, but the... Read more
Girls Basketball: Cowboys Continue Their Success Against St. Thomas Aquinas
BY JOSH COHEN The 10-6 Cooper City Cowboys took on the St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders (4-8) on Tuesday night. The Cowboys started the game off struggling but fought back and trailed by only one after the first quarter of the game.  After coming out strong in the second quarter,... Read more
Boys Varsity Basketball: Cowboys Lose to Conference Opponent Flanagan
BY KEVIN KOPLIN CCHS 54 Flanagan 58 On Wednesday January 12th, 2011, the Cooper City Cowboys boys basketball team faced off against conference opponent Flanagan at home. The Cowboys and Falcons started off with a fast paced first quarter with the score tied at 19. Through a slow second... Read more