Boys varsity basketball: Cowboys continue their undefeated streak with a win against South Broward
BY ETHAN MUNCAN The Cooper City Cowboys played against South Broward on December 14, continuing their undefeated run . The Cowboys struggled to find a rhythm at the beginning of the game, but began scoring quickly midway through the first quarter. The Cowboys are now 6-0 overall and 4-0... Read more
Boys varsity basketball: Cowboys vs Nova Titans
BY HANNAH EUBANKS On Tuesday December 12, the CCHS boys varsity basketball team faced off against the Nova Titans for their first game of the week. It was an important district game, the Cowboys pulling through with a win of 70-49. This now puts their record at 5-0. The... Read more
Girls varsity basketball: The Lady Cowboys take on Nova
BY HAILEY BROWN As the girls headed into their third week of games, they started to learn more and more about each other and start to play better together as a team. The new addition, who came from out of state, blended right in with the team and the... Read more
Boys JV basketball: Cowboys take on Coral Glades
BY HAILEY BROWN On Thursday November 4, the boys junior varsity basketball team faced off against the Coral Glades Jaguars at CCHS in their first game of the season. The Cowboys have been preparing for their first game, hoping to start the season off with a win. They were... Read more
BY NUHA ISLAM From the outside, February 22nd seemed like any other Wednesday night at CCHS. But past the band’s reverberating drum beats and the polo team practicing late night, an intense match of faculty versus student basketball was underway. Even more spirited than the game, is the story... Read more
Boys Varsity Basketball: CCHS Boys Basketball Narrowly Wins in District Quarterfinals
BY BRANDON BERMUDEZ A major milestone was reached by the Cowboys, as they made their first playoff game in a long time facing Hollywood Hills High School. This historic game took place February 6, in a neutral setting at McArthur High school, as both teams wanted to move on... Read more
Girl’s Varsity Basketball: CCHS Lady Cowboys Shoot Their Way into the Offseason Following District Semifinal Loss
BY MARK BRENT Attempting to make a push into the playoffs, the Cooper City High School’s Lady Cowboys were forced to beat Florida’s 15th ranked team in the Class 8A District 15 Girls Basketball Semifinals. Played on Tuesday, January 31st, the Cooper City Cowboys lost to the Nova Titans... Read more
Boy’s Varsity Basketball: Cowboys Lose Narrowly to Nova
BY MARK BRENT On Tuesday, January 10th, the Cooper City High School boys’ varsity basketball team played a nail-biting district game against the Nova Titans. Although the game came down to the wire, the Cowboys could not manage to come out on top, losing 66-53. In the first period,... Read more
Boy’s Varsity Basketball: Close Win Against Hollywood Hills
BY: BRANDON BERMUDEZ AND HANNAH EUBANKS The Cowboys returned home against the Hollywood Hills Spartans on Tuesday, December 13th, for an exciting game that came down to the wire. The Cowboys pulled away with a 56-48 win. In the first quarter, Cooper City played strong defense, and were knocking... Read more
Basketball: Cooper City Cowboys vs. Nova Titans
BY ADAM SHLOMI On Thursday, January 7th the Cooper City Cowboys (0-13) lost to the Nova Titans (17-2) 71-76. Initially, it seemed that Cooper City would again be routed by a team that is on pace to win districts. With multiple players breaking the six foot barrier, (their SG... Read more