Let them eat pie!: An inside look on CCHS math teacher Ms. Harding’s annual Pi Day celebration
BY EMMA HUERTA On March 12 and 13, most CCHS students walked into their math class to sit down in their usual seats, open their usual notebooks and learn another usual lesson. However, math teacher Michelle Harding’s students had a completely different experience in her class: the Pi Day... Read more
A love for the camera: Junior Brandon Robaina is taking to YouTube to show his talents
BY ALYSSA KHAN Many students hope to pursue a career in videography. It’s a highly sought-after job, especially with the internet’s continued stronghold on popular culture. Having a career in this industry requires more than just the ability to take videos, though; it also requires people to be entertaining,... Read more
Teachers have a life?: A behind the scenes look into the athletic lives of CCHS staff members
BY ARIELLE KRAUS As a student sits in their classroom, they do not often think about their teacher as anything else but a teacher. However, many staff members at CCHS do a variety of other things outside of school besides teaching. Just as students participate in sports and exercise,... Read more
Keeping up with Cooper couples: Spouses that work together
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN The Joneses While Lisa Jones has been an English teacher at CCHS since 2012, this is Michael Jones’ first year at the school. He previously taught at Embassy Creek Elementary, where their daughter is in fourth grade. But this isn’t the first time the two have... Read more
Who is Pistol Pete?: The story behind the CCHS mascot
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Pistol Pete has been Cooper City High’s mascot for almost all of the school’s 49-year existence. You can’t really talk about CCHS culture without mentioning him; he’s plastered on top of lunch tables, present at all of the football games and always patrolling the bottom floor... Read more
Just for the gram and not for the experience: The truth behind CCHS dances
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Another one bit the dust as the CCHS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) announced on January 21 that the Winter Wonderland dance has been canceled. This seems to be the inevitable fate of many CCHS dances with the Aurora Ball and Sadie Hawkins dance also being... Read more
Representing all grade levels: A closer look at The Round Up’s “freshman tradition”
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Creating a yearbook consisting of over 300 pages to capture an entire school year is not an easy task. The Round Up yearbook staff at CCHS takes on this challenge annually, working to produce a product that fully captures the memories of the school year. The... Read more
Code red drills: Students express concerns over their effectiveness
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN From the time they are in kindergarten, children are exposed to school drills. Whether it’s for a fire or a tornado, students are taught at a young age how to follow directions and stay safe.  In the past year, Cowboys have become increasingly familiar with code... Read more
Bon voyage!: How CCHS students can consider study abroad programs to benefit their educational experience
BY EMMA HUERTA Imagine walking through the streets of Paris after class at a local university, or even getting to witness significant political decisions right before your eyes as you visit the Israeli legislature with your classmates. For many students, this is just part of their imagination. But with... Read more
Vaping in the 21st century: What you don’t know can kill you
BY ISABELLA MARCON In the last century, our society has experienced one of the most highly advanced technological revolutions mankind has ever seen. Over time, the advancement of technology has branched from the initial standard of finding more practical and efficient ways of performing tasks, to the development of... Read more