A Knight’s Tale: Thornton Davis Reenacts Medieval Swordplay
BY SARAH ROUSSELL The scorching hot sun blazes down on a ragged grass field as tension builds. Standing at each end of the field are two men who are suited up in heavy silver plated armor complete with a shield and a broad sword.  As if someone had pressed... Read more
Heroes Remembered: Ground Zero Museum Is A Moving Experience
BY RACHEL SHARPE When most people think about September 11th, 2001 the first thought that comes to mind are the images of two immense towers crumbling to the earth and thick, black smoke forming a cloud over Manhattan. The fact is most high school students don’t remember much of the horror... Read more
Lotocky Sisters Help Keep Their Cultural Heritage Alive Through Dance
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY The plush red curtain rises as a misty fog creeps from the rafters of the theater. Out of the wings emerge twelve beautiful women, each draped in white, like angels. They begin to twirl, slowly, rhythmically, almost dreamlike. The weary soldiers near the end of the... Read more
Anthony Gonzalez Lives To Dance
BY SYDNEY ALTMAN In the profound words of famed dancer Paula Abdul, “You can admire people all you want, and that’s lovely, but when you can inspire people, that is the ultimate gift.”  One dancer in particular proved to be an inspiration to many, as well as to Abdul... Read more
Student DJ’s Bring The Music To CCHS
BY RACHEL SHARPE When the latest hit song makes you jump out of your seat at a party and head straight to the dance floor, you probably don’t think twice about the guy who makes all the decisions about what songs to play and when to play them.  One... Read more
A Quick Snack Or Heart Attack?
BY JESSICA WEAVER On their off time, Cooper City High School students often gather together at the most popular restaurants in the local plazas. The most famous fast food restaurants Cooper City has come to love have not only given residents a place to interact during their spare time,... Read more
The Man Behind The Magic
BY RACHEL SHARPE When thoughts of theatre come to mind, one may think of dramatic actors and actresses performing exclusively on stage. At the end of every play there is a curtain call for the audience to acknowledge and applaud those talented individuals in the spotlight. Though, most people... Read more
The Cowboy Bandit: CCHS’s Mysterious Spirit Superhero
BY MARNI ROSENSTEIN The crowd goes silent. Holding their breath in anticipation, onlookers watch as the play that could change the course of Cooper City athletics forever ensues. The Cowboy Bandit, clothed from head to toe in a red and black polyester suit, gives an earth-shattering cheer in tune... Read more
Recent Suicides Casts Light On Bullying
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY With some reluctance, Robert recalls an incident from seventh grade that is typical of the middle school experience, but shouldn’t be. He remembers the disgust he felt emanating off of his fellow middle school students. He could still feel his hands trembling and his heart racing... Read more
AP Photography Students View The World Through A Different Lens
BY ARIEL SMILOWITZ When one walks into the main office, the first thing that catches the eye is the miraculous wall on the right. Bold, thought-provoking, and intense, the incredibly masterful photographs- courtesy of the students in CCHS’ AP Photography class- are a treat to gaze upon. Ranging from... Read more