The Quiver: The world is ending The Quiver: The world is ending
BY ELENA VALDEZ The world has one day left before aliens come and enslave us all. Well, maybe. On March 13, 2018, Twitter user... The Quiver: The world is ending


The world has one day left before aliens come and enslave us all. Well, maybe.

On March 13, 2018, Twitter user Ty @strayedaway posted a screen recording of a cryptic voicemail he received earlier that day and asked the internet for guidance. Part of the voicemail read “Sierra, Delta, Alpha, November, Golf, Echo, Romeo, Sierra, Oscar, Sierra.” Which makes no sense to the everyday person, because it is a code.

The code is known as the Nato Phonetic Alphabet, used by the military and in customer service, when spelling things like names or street addresses. After translation, the entire message was revealed to say the following: “S DANGER SOS. IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUATE. BE CAUTIOUS THEY ARE NOT HUMAN.”

In morse code and even different languages, Twitter user @strayedaway was bombarded with DM’s in morse code, indonesian, russian, and many others. One of the morse code messages was translated, to mean “They are taking over 41818.” This gave a date for the supposed rapture to take place. Damnation will dawn upon us on April 18, 2018.

A series of strange numbers were also left in the voicemail, which when entered into a coordinate map gave a location in Southeast Asia, around Malaysia. Strange coincidence, as Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was last seen four years ago within a few hundred miles of this location. No definite evidence was ever found of the flight. It disappeared into thin air and hasn’t been seen since.

What if the SOS message was the missing Malaysian airline flight black box recording? Black boxes are aboard all airplanes, and they record the last messages and coordinates sent to air traffic control, in the event that something major were to happen.  

The recording of the pilot’s last words were released, and listening to it, it is obvious he is distracted. He’s distant and stalling, as if his mind was preoccupied with something more serious.

Something on that plane might not have been human, which explains the recording, use of code and even why the world has not seen anything of the missing Malaysian airplane. This is the work of aliens.

The theory itself is far fetched, but it makes sense. And who would send this message to a random man named Ty?

Stephen Hawking of course. Before he died on March 14 of this year, he knew what was coming to the human race in a month. Being the smart man he was, he warned humanity of their impending doom.

He was warning us about extraterrestrial life for a while. “Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach,” he said. “Who knows what the limits would be?” He then went on to elude to an alien overtaking to Columbus encountering the Native Americans, which didn’t end well for either side. Especially not the ones being colonized.

Perhaps Hawking was somehow able to obtain this message from the malaysian flight and wanted to give the world a little heads up before it ended.

Tomorrow, we will find out if this theory proves true. And if not, then goodnight and good luck in the after life.

Update: The world did not end, proceed with life as planned.

This is a satirical article and should not be taken seriously. It was written with the intent of making people laugh. Any information here is most likely false and should not be quoted as fact. However, if this article is used for anything other than its recreational use, the writer and Cooper City High School claim no responsibility if anyone gets offended, injured or otherwise hurt in any way.

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