Florida Should Protect Student Information Instead Of Selling It To The Highest Bidder
BY SABRINA VICTOR Senate Bill 878 was introduced this year by Republican Senator Galvano with the intent of being passed and put into effect by July 1, 2013. It managed to pass last week through the Senate Appropriations Committee, but the problem with this bill is that it infringes... Read more
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Opinions April 3, 2013

BY VIRGINIA PENIAS The constant struggle and stress of college have most students feeling suffocated while they watch their workload pile up day after day. With colleges taking students’ GPAs into consideration, every point counts. But is taking virtual school classes a satisfactory choice to make for that extra... Read more
Allowing Knives On Planes Makes No Sense
BY BRANDON SLOANE New legislation by the Transportation Security Administration is being enacted that will drastically change how safe people will be able to feel on airplanes. As of April 25th 2013, passengers will be allowed to carry small knives with them on airline flights. Screening for these knives,... Read more
Final Exams Hold Too Much Weight
BY VIRGINIA PENIAS Working hard all semester usually pays off in the end, but with exams, your final grade is at risk. Although most students who do well in the class tend to do well on this generalized test, there have been situations where students’ grades have plummeted because... Read more
Do We Still Need The Post Office?
BY VIRGINIA PENIAS AND BRANDON SLOANE You’ve got mail! But not on Saturdays? In an effort to save money, the US postal service is considering eliminating mail delivery on Saturdays. What’s more is that there are some critics calling for the elimination of the postal service as a whole.... Read more
Lifting The Steroid Ban Will Even The Playing Field
BY BLUE KAUFMAN Since their existence first plagued athletics, steroids and their usage have come under close scrutiny in the world of sports. Their practice has increased dramatically in recent years, bringing shame and humiliation to athletes everywhere. To fans, it has tainted the sports these athletes once dominated... Read more
Enough Is Enough: America Needs Stricter Gun Control
BY BRANDON SLOANE A very troubling statistic was brought to light recently that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. According to MSN.com, half of the United States’ deadliest mass shootings have occurred in the past six years. This is an incredible and truly frightening fact when you... Read more
Tech Turmoil: Do We Depend Too Much On Technology?
BY BLUE KAUFMAN After hours of studious typing, you’re just about to finish that English essay when suddenly the unthinkable happens: your computer crashes. The screen has turned black and the typical dull humming of the monitor is now eerily silent. You’re trying not to panic, but suddenly you are... Read more
Girls Shouldn’t Play On Boys Teams
BY SABRINA VICTOR Huge advances have been made in women’s sports since the first Olympics Games in ancient Greece, where women weren’t even allowed to watch the competitions. Few women competed in sports until the late 19th and early 20th centuries when social changes in Europe and North America... Read more
Abercrombie Needs To Broaden Their “Look”
BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM In a world where retailers like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch have dominated 14-24 year olds wardrobes, these stores have come to portray a distorted image of what the “All-American look” is. But as the United States continues to evolve and include a variety of different cultures and races,... Read more