Community College Is The Best Choice For Many Students
BY VIRGINIA PENIAS With seniors already working on college applications, countless students eagerly await their high school graduation so they move on to the next chapter in their lives. With the parties, freedom, and new profound independence, college is often referred to as “greatest years in a student’s life”.... Read more
Should NCAA Athletes Get Paid?
BY ANDY MORALES It goes without saying, but the NCAA is home to some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Young, strong and in the prime of their career, these college athletes often get to compete on the professional or Olympic level.  Yet with all this talent and... Read more
Tech Crunch: The Perils Of The Push To “Teach With Technology”
BY RACHEL CALLAHAN With Students expected to complete assignments using computers and tools such as Black Board and Pinnacle, technology is quickly becoming a more important part of education. However, is it fair to do so when the school doesn’t provide adequate technology? The rate at which technology advances... Read more
Identity Crisis: Having A Fake ID Is Not Worth The Risk
BY ALLISON BARNARD With bass blaring loudly and lights flashing to the beat, many young teenagers, eager to undertake in the festivities, tightly clutch their fraudulent id cards in anticipation. Each step taken towards the crowded club entrance is a step taken towards adulthood, whether it’s partying like an... Read more
Think Before You Get Ink
BY RACHEL HAAS One of the most important topics that parents should discuss with their children is the choice of having a tattoo.  As I roam the CCHS hallways, I’ve noticed that more and more students have been “tatting up.” Whether the designs appeal to me or not, it... Read more
Teacher DON’T Need Guns
BY SABRINA VICTOR We all have that one teacher we don’t care for, you know, the ones with dramatic mood swings. One moment they are perfectly fine and the next they are screaming their heads off at how lazy and unappreciative their students are. I’ve even had one teacher... Read more
Athletes Should Stick To One Sport
BY DAVID DEACON Atheletes have a drive to be the best that they can be at their sport; their fuel that drives them is competition. However, their fuel can also be their downfall, since competition leads players to participate in multiple sports. Around the country, some high school coaches... Read more
Have Prom Expenses And Expectations Gotten Out Of Hand?
BY JESSICA WEAVER Prom is the night every senior anticipates throughout their high school career. For some, prom could even be defined as the last big blowout before they enter the real world. But what should be just a simple night of friends, food, and fun; has become an overly... Read more
Nowhere To Go: Students Are Responsible For Closed Bathrooms
BY SABRINA VICTOR Walking into the bathrooms at our school leads to some atrocious sights. Sadly, the condition some students keep them in is disgusting as well as unhygienic. I am appalled by the fact that kids at our school can be so ungrateful that they don’t appreciate having... Read more
Most Teen Drivers Are Not Prepared For The Road
BY VIRGINIA PENIAS As teenagers, we all have things we need to do and places we need to go. At age 16, kids are able to become licensed drivers and take to the roads independently. But in reality, how many teenagers are actually prepared to drive on the road?... Read more