Swimming: Cowboys Beat South Broward and Pines Charter
BY JESSICA WEAVER On Wednesday, September 22nd the Cooper City High Swim and Dive team had their first home meet of the season against South Broward and Pines Charter High School’s. The girls beat South Broward 84-31 and Pines Charter 81-36. The boys beat South Broward 68-43 and Pines... Read more
Girls Volleyball: Cowboys v. Cypress Bay Lightning
    BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY The Cooper City High School girl’s varsity volleyball team took on the Cypress Bay Lightning in a district match on Thursday, September 23 at CCHS. Battling through a leaky roof and immense pressure, both teams played to their highest potential. After four close games,... Read more
Varsity Football: Undefeated Cowboys Beat Nova 23-17
BY DANIELLE LYN The Cowboys went into the game against the Nova Titans hoping to achieve something that has been out of their grasp for a long time, a winning streak. Cooper City’s quarterback Myles Notkin has been the difference maker this season by doing what quarterbacks do not... Read more
Swimming: CCHS Team Makes A Splash At 2nd Meet
BY JESSICA WEAVER Cooper City High School’s Swim and Dive Team had their second meet of the season on Wednesday September 15 against Coral Springs, West Broward and Flanagan High School at the Pembroke Pines Aquatic Center. CCHS boys beat Coral Springs 38-37, but lost to West Broward and... Read more
Taylor Tackles Tradition: CCHS gets a new head football coach
    BY AFTON HICKS Football is a sport synonymous with American culture. From the first collegiate game of 1869, Rutgers V. Princeton, to the glittering commercials of the modern day Super Bowl, football has grown along side generations. For Cooper City High school, the sport has always been... Read more
Girl’s Water Polo: Team finds strength in its ranks
    BY AFTON HICKS A true leader is marked by the perseverance and dedication they display in times of trouble. For the Cooper City High school’s Girls Water Polo team, the difficulty came when they were left without a coach, and the threat that the team would not... Read more
All in the the family: CCHS sports teams are being taken over by parent coaches
    BY BRANDON SLOANE When Junior Shelby Nix was a sophomore, the girl’s volleyball team found themselves without a coach for the upcoming season. When Shelby arrived at the first volleyball practice, she discovered, much to her surprise, that the coaching position was filled by her mother, Jennifer... Read more