Teen curfews: An ineffective form of behavioral control
BY CHRIS GOMES Curfews are something that traditionally teenagers can’t stand, yet something that adults love.  Teen curfews often have a fairly innocent intention: to protect minors from doing anything that can harm themselves or anyone else. This belief that teens aren’t mature enough to take care of themselves,... Read more
Getting a head start: Students should do more to better their academic life post-high school
BY RYAN MERARD One’s high school years are often seen as some of the most stressful in one’s life, as many students are constantly doing their best to set up their future. One of the main ways that a student can prepare for their education after these four years... Read more
Behind the wheel: Why it is important to get a driver’s license as soon as possible
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Turning 16 is an important milestone for most high school students. It is a time when they are old enough to obtain a driver’s license and finally get a glimpse of true independence.  Many teenagers may not want to get their license as soon as possible... Read more
Honestly, just cancel every child’s school lunch debt
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Earlier this month, an Arkansas man named Dustin Wright raised nearly $8,000 to pay off the school lunch debt of students at his town’s local high school. Wright’s generous act displays a level of altruism that every human being should aspire to, but as kind as... Read more
The prevalent misuse of mental health terms shows a need for greater education
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN “Oh my god, I’m so OCD. I love color-coding.” “My math teacher is really bipolar.” “Watching the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’ was an emotionally traumatizing experience.” It’s difficult to go a whole day in high school without overhearing someone misuse a mental health term.... Read more
There can only be one: Class rank and the fight for first
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ Behind every pair of Vans and slides, Airpod, JanSport backpack, scrunchie, jersey, lanyard, and underneath the endless amount of superficial things that distinguish the students of Cooper City High School, there is still an attribute that exists in every single one of them. This is a... Read more
Cowboys on wheels: Why CCHS should offer driver’s ed
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ Growing up always goes hand-in-hand with thrill, angst and excitement, tied in with endless expectations that pre-teens have for their upcoming years. Important milestones crawl closer and closer: transitioning into high school, being in your first serious relationship, getting your first job and especially owning your... Read more
Are charters really smarter?: Charter schools create the illusion of education effectiveness
BY EMMA FRANZ When it comes to education, learning environments often vary. While some parents choose to enroll their children in the typical district public schools, others turn to charter schools. Charter schools are public schools that operate as a “school of choice,” meaning that they are exempt from... Read more
Painting the true picture of ADHD and OCD: Real disorders that affect real people
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ With only a quick scroll through social media, one can find countless quirky references and examples of cheeky word play associated with serious mental illnesses, such as Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Many will overlook such humor since it has become so... Read more
The Florida Baker Act: Three ineffective days of institutionalization
 BY ELENA VALDEZ  In 1971, the chairperson for the Mental Health Committee of Florida, Maxine Baker, proposed an act which would allow people in crisis to be committed to a psychiatric institution for 72 hours, offering immediate help to those who truly need it.  However, seldom is this actually... Read more