Homecoming 2010: Day 2 In Pictures
Homecoming 2010: Day 1 In Pictures
Photo Credits KAYLA LOKEINSKY and THEA CHESNEY Read more
Best Buddies “Spread The Word To End The Word”
    BY RACHEL SHARPE On Monday, October 11th, the members of CCHS’s Best Buddies Chapter introduced a national campaign called “Spread the Word to End the Word” in an effort to raise awareness against the use of the word “retarded.” Best Buddies is a club that gives students... Read more
CCHS Reduces Class Sizes
    BY MATT LIBANOFF Cooper City High School recently rescheduled some classes in order to comply with an October 15th deadline for class size restrictions. Due to budget cuts and teacher surplusing, core classes at Cooper City High School had class sizes this year above the limit set... Read more
NJROTC Members Develop Leadership Skills Over Summer
    BY TAYLOR MANDEL Three senior and one sophomore Cooper City High School (CCHS) NJROTC (Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) members attended the Area 7 Leadership Academy at the Admiral Farragut Military Academy this past summer, from June 6-12. The weeklong camp is sponsored by the U.S. Navy,... Read more
BY JESSICA WEAVER The State of Florida has won $700 million in grant money in phase 2 of President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program, which was created to improve schools across the country. ‘Race to the Top’ is a $4.35 billion education plan implemented to motivate school systems... Read more
CCHS’s Main Building To Be Replaced By 2014
  BY BEATRICE DUPUY Cooper City High School is one of the two Broward County public schools that are being replaced after the district postponed all structural improvements for other schools in the district.  The main CCHS building, which has existed for nearly 40 years, will be replaced by new... Read more


CampusNews October 13, 2010

  BY KEVIN KOPLIN & BEATRICE DUPUY Cooper City High School’s Key Club committee SHAPE (Students Helping Achieve Philanthropic Excellence) has been cancelled due to financial reasons. SHAPE, which has resided at CCHS since 2002, is a national organization that teaches students about the inner workings of non-profit organizations and how... Read more
Debate Team Gets National Recognition
    BY JESSICA WEAVER  The National Forensic League has recognized Cooper City High School’s Speech and Debate team in the top 10% in the nation. The team got this designation for receiving over 100 degrees. For each competition students participate in, they earn a certain threshold of points that... Read more
Freshmen Class Officers Elected
BY JOSLYN TOMBACK Freshmen elections recently took place on Thursday, September 30th at CCHS to determine the class of 2014 officers. The thrill of politics was definitely felt throughout the halls. The student government hopefuls plastered the walls of CCHS with their banners and assorted posters during the two-week... Read more