The $100,000 question: SAC reaches agreement on how to spend school enhancement funds
BY RYAN MERARD After being offered $100,000 to better their school in any way they feel fit, most principals would carefully consider how to spend that money. Over the past couple of  months, Principal Wendy Doll and the School Advisory Council (SAC) have been debating where this money should... Read more
Redirecting the Stampede: PTSA surveys student body
BY EMMA HUERTA Like many other schools, CCHS has unique traditions, such as annual events, games or other activities to bring the student body together. A well-known CCHS tradition is Stampede, which is a fundraiser executed by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).  Stampede takes place annually, and during... Read more
Man on the street: What would make you feel safer at school?
BY ARIELLE KRAUS As public safety becomes a greater concern in society, many individuals have varying opinions on the topic. Whether it is increasing security staff, practicing more drills or implementing metal detectors, CCHS students have many different solutions as to how to keep their school safe. They were... Read more
Who cares about the vaping epidemic?: Not Cooper City parents
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE There has been no shortage of stories concerning vape and e-cigarette use circulating both in the news and in conversation, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find areas untouched by these addictive products. Vaping and e-cigarette usage is cause for concern, especially in schools.  This... Read more
“It’s a stampede!”: Nevermind, it’s been canceled
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Under normal circumstances, a stampede isn’t something people would be looking forward to. But at CCHS, Stampede is an annual event that many students get excited about attending.  Stampede is the largest fundraiser of the year for CCHS. Students pay $25 for a ticket, which allows... Read more
A “spook-tacular” Storybook Parade: The Littlest Cowboys go trick-or-treating
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Trick-or-treat” could be heard all over Cooper City High School on the morning of October 30, as the Littlest Cowboys held their annual “Storybook Parade.” The “Storybook Parade” is a time when the Littlest Cowboys preschoolers come dressed in costumes and go trick-or-treating at CCHS. “Our... Read more
The school media center: The library is no longer just for books
BY ELENA VALDEZ Each school has one, however, the library does not do the same thing for high school students as it did before.  Arguably, the main purpose of the library is to provide books. The CCHS media center is stocked with books covering a wide array of topics,... Read more
Poetry Club open mic continues after initial event was canceled
BY EMMA FRANZ  While many at CCHS choose to focus on sports and academic-based clubs, for a select group of young student writers, Poetry Club has their full attention. On Tuesday, October 29, CCHS’s very own poetry enthusiasts gathered in room 3447 after a change in events.  Originally, Poetry... Read more
The final show is cast: Tryouts are held for final annual fashion show
BY JAELYN YEAMPIERRE With CCHS’s last annual fashion show quickly approaching in just a few short months, model tryouts were held this week to determine who will be in the show displaying the outfits that the Level 2 Fashion Marketing class has put together.  Tryouts were held after school... Read more
Recycling at school? Don’t bother: Environmental Club halts recycling pickups
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is perhaps the simplest way of describing eco-friendly waste management, and over the years, efforts have been made both worldwide and in our own backyard to implement the popular phrase. CCHS Environmental Club has been promoting positive conservation tactics over the years through... Read more