Students sports and school: The struggles of juggling academics and athletics as a highschool student
BY ASHLYN COHEN In high school, students encounter difficult situations when trying to achieve both the academic and athletic lifestyle to a point where it can become overwhelming. Finding the balance between practices, training, homework and studying can antagonize a student’s stress level and mental health. Having understanding teachers... Read more
Low School Enrollment: an insight into its effects on BCPS
BY OLIVIA GIL With thousands of students reported as “missing” in Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) canvassed neighborhoods on September 25, hoping to find their students.   This door-to-door outreach approach has been named the “Ready for You! ReEngagement campaign.” It brought together educators from... Read more
TikTok trouble: New social media trend causing trouble at school
BY EMILY MORENO TikTok is a social media platform that is home to many trends, ranging from transition videos to dance videos, but the latest trend has created problems at school. The “devious lick” challenge encourages students to steal an item from their school and post it on TikTok.... Read more
Desexualize the Female Body Movement
BY MELISSA SAROSI Schools all over the US are fighting against school dress codes. One of those schools being Cooper City High School (CCHS). Sophomore Meryssa Parker began the movement here at CCHS by taping up slips of paper in the halls and bathrooms. These slips consisted of statements... Read more
A night to remember: NHS hosts ceremony for its incoming and outgoing members
BY CAMILA FERNANDEZ After a full year of operating remotely, CCHS’s National Honor Society (NHS) was able to host a proper celebration for its graduates and inductees. Taking place in the auditorium on Friday, May 14, the esteemed club members along with sponsor Lindsay Roberts shared a special moment... Read more
Decisions, decisions, decisions: CCHS Class of 2021 celebrates Decision Day
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Academic Signing Day, also known as Decision Day, is a commemorable day to celebrate the senior class as they decide what their post-secondary path will be. CCHS hosted this event on-campus for the Class of 2021, with modifications to meet the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)... Read more
“A Night Under the Stars”: CCHS Class of 2021 will have their night to remember
BY KAREN SUROS As a kid, every movie or show Generation Z watched revolving around high school included a prom. Among one of the most iconic televised proms is the night to remember in the movie “High School Musical,” complete with song and dance. Watching the characters have the... Read more
Man on the street: Teachers give their reasons for wanting students back at school
BY ALYSSA KHAN The 2020-2021 school year has been a rough one. As the year is coming to an end, teachers are doing their best to finish strong with their students. However, most students remain doing eLearning online, leaving instructors with only a handful of mask-clad faces to see... Read more
What’s the plan?: Everything the Class of 2021 needs to know about upcoming senior events
BY ARIELLE KRAUS After a vastly different senior year than most, the Class of 2021 is ending the year on a stronger note, with many activities planned before the end of their high school career. On Tuesday, April 6, a spring senior meeting was held to inform the class... Read more
SGA Campaigns, or lack thereof: Officer elections take on a new look
BY KAREN SUROS Around springtime, CCHS students recognize that they’re in the process of Student Government Association (SGA) elections. The flyers posted across campus and the constant announcements revolving the event are a dead giveaway. Prospective officers encourage their peers to vote for them with promises of fair and... Read more