State Of The Art: AP Art Students Excel Creatively And Academically
BY STACEY PASTERNAK More likely than not, you’ve heard of AP classes. CCHS students take many of these college-level classes each and every year. But one of these AP classes is not like the others. AP art, taught by Ms. Katherine Sharp, is a rare AP class, taken only... Read more
Top Chefs: CCHS Foodies Hone Their Skills In The Culinary Club
BY STACEY PASTERNAK Looking into the four kitchens of Ms. Braman’s and Ms. Daniels’s early childcare rooms on a regular school day, one would think they’ve just entered a ghost town. After all, we haven’t had cooking classes here at CCHS in a long time, so why not get... Read more
To Study And Serve: CCHS Seniors Take Aim At Getting Into Military Academies
BY JESSICA WEAVER Around this time each year, high school seniors find themselves over stressed and anxious due to the college application process. Rushing to get last minute recommendation letters and acceptable SAT scores, they find themselves dreading the schools they were once so excited to apply to. But... Read more
All Around The World: CCHS Welcomes Students From Other Countries
BY STACEY PASTERNAK The Canary Islands, or the Canaries, are one of Spain’s 17 self-governing communities and come in the form of 13 islands. They are very popular among tourists because of their beautiful climate and natural swimming pools, and are home to the third largest volcano in the... Read more
Behind The Scenes Of CTV
BY OLIVIA PASCALE-WONG CTV is one of CCHS’s most recognized programs with a reputation larger than the student body itself. Though the short 2 minute segments may seem like a piece of cake, there’s a lot more that goes into each show, behind the lenses of the familiar camera.... Read more
On The Set With The NBC 6 News Anchors
BY RACHEL HAAS Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a television reporter, so when my dad arranged a visit to the set of NBC 6 News I was super excited. Entering the doors of the studio felt like entering a golden city, although it was clearly... Read more
Double Duty: Teachers With Second Jobs
BY SARAH ROUSSELL At Cooper City High School, it can be said that 2:30 is the most anticipated time of day. As soon as the dismissal bell sounds, students are sent home and teachers are left in the quiet of their classrooms. However, for CCHS chemistry teacher Herbert Slusher,... Read more
The Muslim Students Association Aims To Dispel Stereotypes
BY JESSICA WEAVER Living in a country where many inaccurate stereotypes are perpetuated, those of the Muslim faith are often misunderstood. In order to change the misconceptions of millions you must start somewhere. The Cooper City High School Muslim Students Association, created by 10th grader Salma Kahn, aims to... Read more
CCHS Concert Band Hits A High Note
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY At Cooper City High School, the Sound of Pride marching band is renowned for getting the crowd on their feet at football games, pumping the fans up as they watch the Cowboys dominate on the field. However, once the final game has ended and another season... Read more
On The Job: The P.A.S.S. Program Gives ESE  Graduates Essential  Job Skills
  BY ALYSSA FISHER After a quiet ride, Jimmy Knapp and three other Cooper City High School students in crimson polo shirts hopped off of a school bus in Dania Beach and prepared to begin their day at the Marriott. Before parting ways, they awaited instructions in the aquatic-themed... Read more