Read or watch: Which to choose?
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Theaters are filled to maximum capacity with avid book lovers. A cloud of anxiety and wonder hangs over the heads of the occupants in the theater as they wait in heavy anticipation for the movie to start. Many who fill those seats understand that this movie... Read more
A regretful rewind: YouTube Rewind 2018 was a disaster
BY EMMA HUERTA On December 6, 2018, the popular video-publishing platform, YouTube, released its most anticipated video of the year: YouTube Rewind 2018. Full of overly cheesy throwbacks and awkward jokes, the video has received loads of backlash from its esteemed viewers. YouTube has been putting out such “rewind”... Read more
Streaming wasteland: Quality versus quantity on Netflix
BY ISABELLA MARCON There is little doubt that the media-streaming provider, Netflix, has become so popular that it has become more than just an entertainment option. It has assumed the role of shaping American culture itself. Having original content and a massive collection of movies and television shows, Netflix... Read more